, a data transformation platform, has raised $22 million in a series A round from leading investors.

The platform provides an AI-powered interface with APIs and low-code tools, enabling developers to quickly build and deploy data pipelines.

The raised funds will improve the platform and hire more employees.

Overview of is a leading artificial intelligence technology company focusing on transforming data and making it accessible for customers. Founded in 2019, the company has quickly emerged as a data analytics leader and now serves customers from various businesses and industry sectors. The company has recently announced a successful funding round of $22M, which will help them expand their capability to provide enhanced products and services. uses its proprietary machine learning platform to analyse large amounts of heterogeneous data, making it easier for businesses to make sense of their data, automate repetitive tasks and gain real-time insights into their operations needs. The platform enables customers to collect, store and analyse different types of data sets – including structured, semi-structured and unstructured – in one interface while maintaining the same business level security requirements they are accustomed to.

Metrolink’s advanced analytics capabilities can manipulate massive scale datasets and unlock insights not previously available through traditional methods or software tools. This gives customers greater understanding of strategic decisions, helping them make better informed decisions quickly to stay ahead of competitor advantage within dynamic markets. For customers with physical assets such as cars or buildings, Metrolink also offers custom sensor systems which can track components like temperature or engine performance to generate live updates on performance with full visibility into maintenance schedules without the need for manual monitoring against the elements or conditions outside their control like traffic or weather conditions.’s Funding, a data transformation platform, recently announced a $22 million venture round from investors including Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and Sutter Hill Ventures. This substantial funding will allow to build their platform to help businesses and organisations quickly and easily transform their data into actionable insights.

This raises the question of what plans to do with their new funding. Let’s take a closer look.

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Overview of the $22M funding round, a leader in Machine Intelligence (MI) software and services, announced a $22 million Series A funding round led by Clearvision Ventures, with participation from its existing investors including FirstMark Capital and Lenovo plans to use the investment to expand its platform capabilities and bolster its AI engineering teams in Singapore, Beijing, San Francisco and beyond.

This funding guarantees Metrolink.ops’s continued leadership in developing AI-powered Machine Intelligence (MI) software capabilities for data preparation, search analysis and reasoning services for customers across industries – from e-commerce logistics to healthcare. As it continues to build out its platform offering at scale, will further establish itself as an industry leader — offering cutting edge solutions for operations within data-driven worlds.

Metrolink’s core technology lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling structured knowledge representation and analytic prediction based on structured knowledge graphs or metadata about enterprise or potential customers’ data assets. This feature makes it possible to quickly transform heterogeneous source data into actionable analytics-ready data sets to serve real time decisions utilising semi-automated manual processes such as free text categorization and forecasting scenario modelling – anything that touches raw unstructured data can be made easier with Metrolink’s powerful Machine Intelligence platform.

The company has experienced rapid growth since its launch two years ago. Along with expanding international presence by opening offices in China and Singapore last year, Metrolink has collaborated with major global partners such as Microsoft Azure ML Marketplace and Alibaba Cloud’s Data Science Platforms (DSP) for cloud computing solutions for machine intelligence interactions on a global scale.

How the funds will be used, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions for government and private sector data, has closed a $22 million Series A funding round. The funding is led by Dell Technologies Capital, with additional participation from ForgePoint Capital and other leading investors.

With the new funds, intends to leverage its team’s deep AI & ML expertise to accelerate the development of innovative technologies designed to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights. The company also plans to expand its reach by launching new products and services across all business lines and scaling its sales and marketing teams.

The funds will further enhance’s existing technology platform with improved algorithms, sophisticated architectures, and real-time analytics capabilities for executing automated decisions at scale with accuracy and speed. Additionally, the team has set its sights on acquiring talent who can drive the success of widening applications within enterprise sectors where digital transformation is accelerating in the wake of emerging technologies like AI & ML.

Overall, aims to become the go-to partner for government agencies looking to deploy innovative AI & ML solutions at scale quickly while staying reliable & secure over time – all while adhering to budget limitations often accompanying public sector entities ​​in large scale deployments​​of ​​technology​​ solutions​​ within public agencies​ .

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Data transformation platform raises $22M, a data transformation platform, recently raised $22M in venture capital funding. This will likely majorly impact how businesses can leverage large amounts of data to gain valuable insights.

The funding round will help to expand their platform, hire new talent and create more innovative products.

Let’s take a closer look at the potential impact of the funding.

How the funding will help has raised $22 million to further develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for extracting energy data from satellite imagery. The venture funding will help the company expand their services and launch new products based on high-resolution imagery data.

The funding will drive the development of AI technology that can provide insights into terrestrial energy sources, transport infrastructure, and climate change globally with unprecedented accuracy. This will enable more informed decisions across transportation, agriculture, resource management, real estate, finance and insurance industries.

AI models built on satellite imagery are expected to have a transformative effect on urban analytics and give companies an edge regarding efficiency and performance measures. Metrolink believes their products can be applied to various challenges such as urban development planning, hazard prediction and transport system optimization using digital maps generated with AI technology.

With this funding injection’s team aims to build new features for satellite data processing and analysis applications such as vehicle detection & tracking, land-use studies from satellite videos, vegetation mapping tools and coastal ocean aerosol estimations from air-borne platforms. Furthermore, by utilising AI skill sets to develop its interactive analytics capabilities they hope to create an unparalleled geospatial data platform that is accessible by anyone anytime anywhere.

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How the funding will benefit the data transformation market

The recent $22M series B funding round raised by will help it become a pioneer in the data transformation market, driving positive change and building trust in the wider industry. With this financial support, the company aims to bolster its existing product line-up and chart a new direction for how data can be effectively transformed into strategic insights.

The key benefits of this investment are twofold. Firstly, can use its expertise and technology at scale, accelerating growth while developing and deploying new tools to suit ever-evolving customer needs. Secondly, attracting new customers with its cutting-edge technology will strengthen its presence within the market and help create an improved ecosystem for everyone involved – from data scientists to application developers looking for greater accessibility and understanding of their datasets.

It is hoped that with sufficient capital,’s ambitious plans will revolutionise how businesses across different industries approach data transformation, allowing them to gain an edge over their competitors. Furthermore, when combined with careful foresight on how AI is used responsibly in respect of customer privacy, this investment could lead to far reaching and meaningful changes – transforming raw datasets into powerful patterns of insight that can drive real impact through efficient enterprise operations – from large corporations down to smaller companies alike.

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