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Duality Technologies, a data privacy-preserving platform, has recently raised $30M in funding led by Microsoft’s venture capital arm M12. This investment further solidifies the mission of the company to provide individuals and organisations with tools to protect their data by shielding it from unauthorised access and use.

This article will discuss Duality Technologies’ privacy-preserving features and how they protect your data from unauthorised access and use.

Overview of Duality Technologies

Duality Technologies is a leading provider of next-generation privacy-preserving technologies. The company uses cutting-edge cryptographic tools and processes to ensure the secure handling of sensitive data while maintaining the security and privacy of individual users. Duality Technologies’ extensive portfolio of capabilities includes sophisticated encryption schemes, distributed storage methods, secure communications protocols, and privacy-enhancing algorithms. These technologies enable individuals and organisations to protect their data from unauthorised access or malicious intent.

Data is increasingly becoming more valuable in today’s digital economy and duality has set out to solve the problem for individuals and businesses alike by offering powerful privacy solutions at an affordable cost. By providing encrypted communication solutions that protect data in transit, duality also helps ensure that private messages are rendered unreadable even if intercepted by unauthorised third parties. In addition, secure distributed storage solutions allow organisations to classify sensitive information into various buckets, preserving its integrity and preventing unauthorised access from external sources. Finally, by utilising advanced cryptographic algorithms such as homomorphic encryption, duality enables organisations to carry out analytics on unencrypted data while guaranteeing the safety of personal sensitive details such as credit card numbers or Social Security numbers.

By combining strong cryptography with innovative engineering practices, Duality Technologies provides customers with various security options designed to meet any need – protecting financial data within a customer’s enterprise network or enabling two entities to securely exchange information without compromising either party’s security requirements. So, for ultimate peace of mind regarding your organisation or personal data security needs, consider leveraging the power of Duality Technologies’ privacy preserving solutions today!

Overview of the privacy-preserving data platform

Duality Technologies provides privacy-preserving technologies for the secure processing of confidential data. The company offers a comprehensive platform for protecting sensitive information that organisations and governments worldwide use. Duality’s platform utilises advanced cryptography, secure multi-party computation (MPC) protocols, and verifiable secret sharing (VSS). All these components work together to ensure that personal information is kept private while also allowing its use in various applications.

The platform empowers organisations to perform secure analytics, machine learning, fraud detection, identity verification and more while preserving privacy and data security protections. Duality’s technologies allow users to avoid unauthorised access or exploitation of their personal information by preventing its movement outside the secured environment. In addition, the platform encrypts data end-to-end. It allows for blind computations — operations where cryptographic calculations are made without revealing or accessing underlying data sets — providing organisations with tons of flexibility when working with confidential information such as patient records or customer financial statements.

The platform also provides data owners with various compliance solutions tailored to meet regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions. These include support for GDPR directives in Europe, due diligence services when working with government agencies in North America and Asia Pacific Regions, and tools for verifying user IDs such as social security numbers globally. All these additional features allow companies to establish trust within their businesses while also protecting the privacy rights of their users and customers — further cementing Duality Technologies position at the forefront of privacy-preserving technologies worldwide.

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Privacy-preserving data platform Duality Technologies raises $30M

Duality Technologies aims to provide a platform for privacy-preserving data analytics. This is done through its patented SecurePlus technology, which obscures and encrypts sensitive data so it remains inaccessible to third parties.

With its recent $30 million investment, Duality Technologies hopes to expand its privacy-preserving capabilities and reach a wider audience.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the privacy-preserving features of Duality Technologies.

Differential Privacy

Duality Technologies implements an innovative data protection system based on the concept of Differential Privacy. At its core, Differential Privacy is a type of privacy-preserving technology that allows users to analyse large datasets without compromising the privacy of individual users. It does this by injecting noise into aggregation processes, to obscure the identity of individuals and make it harder for data to be linked back to them.

Differential Privacy has several features that make it adept at protecting privacy and helping organisations comply with GDPR and other regulatory measures. First, it is zero knowledge – meaning that no individual data element can be reconstructed from an analysis – so any insights discovered are not obtained by compromising user confidentiality. This also means that no user’s data can be directly linked to an output or projection from a study.

Second, as one of the most robust forms of differential privacy available today, Duality Technologies ensures accurate results by modifying sensitive queries until secrets and private information cannot be extracted even under extreme circumstances. Finally, Differential Privacy is virtually tamper-proof; as its strength relies on mathematical algorithms embedded in Duality’s software ecosystem, there is no possibility for malicious actors or rogue operators to manipulate study results or systems for their gain.

Secure Multi-Party Computation

Secure Multi-Party Computation is a powerful cryptographic primitive that enables multiple parties to compute and share data without exposing it in its unencrypted form. Through this process, Duality Technologies can protect the privacy of sensitive data, while enabling collaboration and providing insights into massive datasets.

Secure Multi-Party Computation transforms the original data into a multi-party computation protocol, dividing the original data among two or more clients. The resulting computation protocols are encrypted through mathematical algorithms and facilitate distributed processing on various locations without actually transferring the data from any one site. In addition, the mathematical algorithms ensure that individual client participation on this distributed system retains anonymity due to its secure nature. This method can also keep track of both private and public versions of the same piece of data without compromising security and ensuring real-time performance for all users.

By using Secure Multi-Party Computation, Duality Technology allows different parties to perform privacy preserving computations using secure methods while still gaining access to valuable analytics about their data sets. This secure system for collecting and processing sensitive customer information protects their privacy and establishes trust between them, ultimately leading to increased customer engagement and adoption rates.

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Homomorphic Encryption

Homomorphic encryption is a type of encryption scheme that allows users to perform calculations on encrypted data without decrypting it. This type of encryption enables secure computations on encrypted data, thus providing its users with maximum privacy protection.

Duality Technologies provides its users with advanced homomorphic encryption algorithms, allowing them to securely store and process their data in the cloud without decryption. This allows the user’s data to remain completely private and secure while still being able to use the power of cloud computing. Aside from providing secure storage, Duality Technologies also offers a range of tools that allow its customers to securely calculate functions such as sums, averages, filterings, and correlations on their encrypted data sets without any risk of leakage or exploitation.

Homomorphic encryption prevents malicious actors from gaining access to sensitive information even if an attack succeeds. The encrypted files are extremely difficult to decipher due to their complex structure and encryption mechanisms. Furthermore, homomorphic encryption ensures that no information regarding the original data set can be derived even when processed or combined with other datasets in a statistical analysis or machine learning model. Duality Technologies also utilises advanced techniques such as additively-homomorphic secret sharing schemes to ensure its customer’s privacy is not compromised in any way during its operations.

Benefits of Duality Technologies

Duality Technologies is a privacy-preserving data platform that recently raised $30M. By using their privacy-preserving technology, companies can securely share data with other companies without compromising privacy and security.

This article will discuss the platform’s benefits and how it can help companies securely share data.

Improved security and privacy

Duality Technologies is a software platform that combines cryptography and secure multi-party computation (sMPC) to protect data privacy. It is designed to help businesses, organisations and governments deliver outcomes with secure, compliant data while preserving privacy. Duality enables trust without sacrificing speed and scalability by allowing data owners to participate in secure computing with encrypted data.

Duality’s architecture offers several mechanisms that increase security and privacy:

  • Key separation – Data remains wholly owned by its owner at all times. Even when multiple parties share or compute the same data set, their roles remain uniquely identifiable and fully separated through cryptographic keys that encrypt and control access.
  • Masking – Data can be dynamically masked and examined without ever being revealed in its entirety, protecting sensitive information from malicious actors or attackers in transit or during processing.
  • Data limits – Through sMPC protocols like threshold cryptosystems, Duality allows for stronger enforcement of how much access different entities have to a shared dataset. Only those who need access are granted greater privileges within pre-specified parameters.
  • Obfuscation – The encrypted chunks shared during a distributed computation remain blinded from each other’s visibility until combined; this process masks the interconnections between analysed elements to protect against information leakage or external attacks.

Increased data sharing and collaboration

The privacy preserving features of Duality Technologies enable companies to protect and safely share sensitive data without compromising data privacy or compliance requirements. In addition, by securely separating an organisation’s data between a private cloud and public cloud, Duality eliminates the need to establish trust between multiple organisations to collaborate on sensitive data.

Businesses can confidently share sensitive information with external stakeholders through secure multi-party computation without divulging the underlying unencrypted values. This allows for faster collaboration within disparate networks and uncovering insights from across different companies’ ecosystems. With Third-Party Compliance Management (TPCM), companies can securely deploy and scale their collaboration initiatives with complete visibility into usage of their shared data.

In addition to increased collaboration capabilities, Duality provides enhanced security features that ensure safe sharing of protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII). These include protected execution environment technology that isolates computational processes in siloed memory; credential encryption technology; access control for all secrets used by authorised end users; masked text transformations for sensitive decryptions; and secure log management services providing end-to-end encryption for audit logging.

These features provide robust data protection and streamline compliance efforts by reducing time spent verifying security posture – allowing teams to focus on quickly delivering value when shared data needs to be trusted. As a result, businesses can achieve improved efficiencies while maintaining utmost security protection of their mutually exchanged confidential assets.

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Increased trust in data

Duality Technologies is a privacy-preserving computing platform that enables trust between dual entities seamlessly and securely. By leveraging advanced cryptographic algorithms, the platform permits secure collaboration while ensuring the privacy of shared data. This advanced technology provides numerous advantages over traditional data sharing methods, such as improved communication accuracy, protection against unauthorised access and enhanced trust in shared data.

The benefits of Duality Technologies are numerous and include increased accuracy in data sharing between entities due to its cryptographic algorithms. In addition, data sent through Duality Telecomputing remains secure because it encrypts all messages sent via its system using multiple layers of encryption. It also encrypts user identity information using homomorphic encryption, preventing outside eavesdroppers from accessing user credentials or other sensitive information. This means that the various parties involved can securely collaborate without fear of malicious actors accessing their confidential information or stealing valuable data from the systems they are using. Furthermore, duality telecomputing does not require users to reveal identity details to third-parties for authentication purposes when sharing confidential data, protecting communication security and privacy for both users.

In addition, Duality provides enhanced trust in shared data with its capability to transparently validate transactions as they occur on an end-to-end basis within its digital platform. This feature prevents potential tampering with shared documents or false claims by any party involved before or after transaction completion. Further, Duality’s capability to ‘zero know’ guarantees that each party remains unaware of other participants’ identities during communication, providing additional assurance in confidential data exchange.

Recent Funding and Expansion

Privacy-preserving data platform Duality Technologies has recently announced that it has raised $30 million in its Series B funding. This is a major milestone for the company, which has already achieved a lot of success with its technology for securely and privately sharing and trading data.

This new funding will help the company expand its existing offering and take privacy-preserving data platform technology to the next level.

$30M Series B Funding

Duality Technologies, an innovative player in data privacy technology, recently announced its $30 million Series B funding. The round was led by Canaan and saw participation from existing investor Arbor Ventures. This announcement comes less than a year after the company’s $4 million Series A round of funding and signifies a major step forward for Duality’s expansion plans.

With this new development, Duality’s has raised $37 million in capital to continue their ambitious efforts. This new financing will support the development of more privacy-preserving technologies that leverage Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography and other secure computation techniques while empowering mainstream access to these powerful tools. Additionally, these funds will enable the company to address various regulatory issues fundamental to data privacy compliance across global markets, furthering its mission for widespread adoption with industry clients and end users alike.

Expansion into Europe and Asia

Since its founding in the United States in 2015, Duality Technologies has steadily expanded its presence at home and abroad. In 2021, the company secured $20 million in a Series A round of funding from venture capitalists, which it used to launch operations in Europe and Asia.

In Europe, Duality’s products are now available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The company’s data privacy solutions have gained traction with businesses seeking to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Recent success stories include the British brewer DB Breweries and Paris-based investment consulting firm Clarus Partners.

In Asia-Pacific (APAC), Duality is focusing on expanding their partnership network while helping businesses across hospitality sectors become GDPR-compliant and leveraging new technologies such as Blockchain to enhance customer experiences while providing robust security measures. For example, the Singapore-based seafood restaurant chain Catch Outlet has recently implemented data privacy measures, saving them time and money.

The expansion into Europe and APAC is a sign of continued growth for Duality Technologies – one that speaks volumes about its ability to deliver innovative technology solutions that meet data security demands for customers worldwide. Moving forward, their main focus is on continuing their expansion into new markets while furthering protection of customer data throughout these regions.

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