is a data plumbing platform that helps organisations connect, manage, and optimise their data pipelines. The company recently announced that it has raised $22 million in a seed round from venture capital firms Grove Ventures and Eclipse Ventures. This capital injection will help grow its platform and expand its customer base.

In this article, we will look at and its features.

Overview of is a data plumbing platform that helps organisations connect and manage disparate data sources. It provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to connect and manage their data from different sources and systems, including databases, APIs, cloud storage, business analytics, machine learning frameworks and more. is designed to be cost effective, reliable and scalable so organisations can foster efficient collaboration among teams in production and development environments. The platform speeds up the process of creating robust data pipelines that include various processes such as filtering and transforming data before loading it into other systems to ensure the resulting datasets’ accuracy, quality and consistency. It also provides analytics insights across multiple data sources by leveraging advanced algorithms such as unsupervised machine learning clustering techniques.

Additionally, enables stakeholders to build custom metrics on top of their existing datasets which can be used for decision making purposes. By taking advantage of its comprehensive toolset, organisations can optimise the performance of their data platforms to new levels with minimal effort required from authorised users. As a result, businesses can make faster decisions with timely access to critical information about customers, markets and competitors without any expensive investments in hardware or software solutions to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. Raises $22M in Seed Round From Grove Ventures, Eclipse Ventures for Its ‘Data Plumbing’ Platform

Recently, announced its successful $22 million seed round to fund further development of its data plumbing platform. helps organisations to connect and manage their data, meaning that their datasets can quickly be accessed and utilised whenever needed. In addition, this secure platform ensures quality control over all your data, so you don’t need to worry about leaving something behind when analysing or sharing information with others.

The latest fundraising round underscores the increasing demand for effective data management solutions in organisations of all sizes. Streamlining vast amounts of structured and unstructured data across multiple sources is a difficult task, which has traditionally been more complex with older technology solutions. Metrolink’s innovative approach to data plumbing provides intuitive tools that enable organisations to better access and analyse their datasets in real time, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and accurately while keeping a close eye on their IT costs.

This seed-funding builds on the already strong support received by Metrolink, who had previously raised funding in 2018 from venture capital funds such as Concentric Equity Partners and Algazen Ventures. With the new funds secured, Metrolink plans to accelerate product innovation to strengthen organisational pipelines for quickly, accurately and securely accessing structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources.

Metrolink also confirmed a selection of key appointments on the heels of this success following the collaboration with Seed Round lead investor Rockspring Capital and Accel Partners joining them in this venture capital circle

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Benefits of is a powerful data plumbing platform that can help organisations to securely connect and manage data from multiple sources. The platform integrates with various data sources such as databases, cloud apps, and real-time APIs. The platform has recently raised $22M in seed round from Grove Ventures and Eclipse Ventures, demonstrating the potential of the technology.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the benefits that brings to the table.

Automate Data Pipelines simplifies creating and maintaining data pipelines, allowing businesses to focus on value-added activities and achieve operational efficiency. Metrolink’s visual data pipeline builder, Data Pipe Designer, helps to set up complete automation with minimal effort. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, this cloud-based tool allows users to:

-Connect and filter data from multiple sources quickly and easily

-Create powerful workflows with joins, aggregation functions, filters, and sorting

-Generate custom reports in a centralised dashboard to gain deeper insights

-Monitor each step of the process in real time by tracking the status of individual jobs within a workflow

-Set alerts for operational failures or misalignments in data

-Generate transformed datasets or deliver reports on scheduled intervals without manual intervention.

This helps businesses reduce their manual efforts in processing large volumes of data and improves enterprise scalability significantly. Additionally, automated processes provide a standard workflow for ensuring quality checks that can be easily monitored for performance optimization. Finally, users have built-in support for enhanced security protocols and backup configurations for disaster recovery readiness.

Connect and Manage Data Across Multiple Sources is a powerful data plumbing platform designed to help organisations connect and manage data from multiple sources. This comprehensive solution delivers unprecedented insight into how your organisation utilises valuable data.

The benefits of using data systems are numerous; this platform grants access to invaluable insights and helps create intelligent, secure connections between datasets stored in various locations. In addition, by connecting different databases with the same user interface, this platform eliminates the need to switch between platforms when tracking or looking up information.

Metrolink allows users to easily uncover answers across all sources by enabling trusted connections, validations and migrations between diverse data sets. Furthermore, it lets users easily explore their organisations’ data by providing a straightforward UI/UX featuring various filters and sorting options. This makes it possible for analysts to quickly identify common patterns while eliminating time wasted on mundane tasks such as replicating data sets from one source to another. In addition, with an easy-to-use API, organisations can create job pipelines that make it possible for them to fetch results from multiple datasets with just one API call!

Customizable dashboards offer a real-time view of the current state of an organisation’s data, granting users unparalleled visibility into their dataset over time and how it interacts with other sources worldwide. Additionally, Metrolink helps save storage space and resources by minimising replication of datasets in multiple locations; for example, once a dataset is configured in Metrolink and shared across multiple sources, there is no need for each source to store that same dataset separately — only one copy needs to exist!

With the ability to effortlessly govern all associated sets of linked records across various systems simply and securely — while simultaneously reducing costs associated with manual maintenance — Metrolink offers valuable time savings coupled with powerful insights across complex environments that previously would have required immense amounts of manpower to access! This comprehensive system revolutionises how organisations view and manage their large-scale data ecosystems while promoting efficient collaboration between all parties who share crucial information within an organisation or external parties such as contractors looking for real-time insights into certain aspects of an operations data system within minutes!

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Streamline Data Workflows provides organisations with a powerful tool that automates data capture, transformation, and integration into existing systems. By streamlining data workflows, helps improve the overall efficiency of any business.

The automated data capture feature allows businesses to quickly collect and organise data from multiple sources such as web services, databases, flat files and APIs. This feature allows organisations to quickly collect and process information in an organised manner, providing a comprehensive overview of their data resources.

Metrolink’s powerful transformation capabilities allow businesses to convert any incoming structured or unstructured data into a structured format that is more suitable for their needs. Using automated rules and algorithms, Metrolink transforms large amounts of raw data into meaningful information to create insights about customer behaviours or other trends within the business environment.

The integration features provided by Metrolink allow businesses to quickly integrate with third-party applications or other systems within the organisation to share and manage collected information easily throughout the organisation’s infrastructure. This helps organisations save time by eliminating manual processes associated with integrating different systems while providing improved accuracy through automatic synchronisation of all collected benchmarking metrics gathered from the various sources.

Investors, the data plumbing platform, recently announced that it had secured a $22M seed round led by Grove Ventures and Eclipse Ventures. This adds to the growing list of investors keen to back the platform due to its strong proposition of making it easy to connect and manage data.

Let’s take a closer look at the investors behind the project.

Grove Ventures

Grove Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, focused on seed and Series A investments in innovative technology companies. The firm was established in 2004 and has over $150 million in assets under management.

The fund focuses primarily on software companies, artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning applications, digital media services, data analytics, and internet-marketing products.

Grove Ventures has funded several successful startups including (a data plumbing platform that helps organisations to connect and manage data), Mitro (open source security for personal clouds), Domino Data Lab (data science infrastructure for distributed teams) and Druidix (machine learning-powered real estate investments).

The fund typically partners with promising startups at the seed or Series A round of financing, provides value added advice to the team throughout their product development roadmap, and fills the gaps by offering capabilities needed to scale up quickly. As a result, grove Ventures’ portfolio companies have raised over 1B dollars in follow-on investments from major VCs demonstrating their program’s ability to identify strong early stage investment opportunities and nurture these into successful long term businesses.

Eclipse Ventures

Eclipse Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies. Founded in 2014 by Bill Rinehart, the Eagle Capital Management subsidiary provides growth and expansion capital to innovative companies utilising data and machine intelligence. In 2018, Eclipse Ventures committed to a $250 million fund devoted exclusively to the Artificial Intelligence sector.

The team at Eclipse is committed to providing entrepreneurs with the resources needed for success, including access to capital and strategic guidance for long-term growth. Eclipse invests in founders developing solutions across a range of sectors which includes financial technology (FinTech), healthcare technology (HealthTech), infrastructure/operations (DevOps), data science/analytics (data plumbing), amongst others.

Portfolio companies of Eclipse Ventures include – a data plumbing platform that helps organisations connect data and manage it more efficiently – Primer – an AI-driven natural language processing platform – Sentenai – an analytics platform designed for sensor data – Anodot – an AI SaaS platform that detects newly emerging performance issues and anomalies in real-time business operations – Gnowbe –a mobile microlearning solution provider and many more.

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Use Cases provides a powerful platform for organisations to connect and manage data, allowing them to quickly build data pipelines, streamline their data process, and reduce the cost of data storage and preparation.

This article will discuss some use cases of and how it can help organisations increase operational efficiency and maximise their data potential.

Automate Data Pipelines’s comprehensive platform for automating data pipelines can help organisations reduce their manual data management and processing effort. It provides an extensive suite of tools that facilitate data sources’ connection, integration, scheduling and orchestration to create reliable data pipelines. In addition, enables users to work within a single platform to integrate multiple systems into a unified workflow with minimal setup and configuration effort.

Users can leverage to extract, transform and load (ETL) their existing data into new formats, at any frequency they desire, while also building new analytics applications on top of those datasets in a repeatable and consistent manner. In addition, the platform’s flexible APIs can easily read structured files such as CSV or JSON and unstructured files like images or video for more advanced use cases such as Machine Learning tasks or Deep Learning techniques.

Metrolink’s out-of-the-box connectors help users quickly point towards different third-party services such as Databases (SQL/NoSQL), File Storage (S3/FTP/SFTP), Data Warehouses (Big Query/Snowflake) or Cloud Services (Google Drive/GitHub etc.). Additionally, with support for dynamic parameterization of connectors at runtime from external sources like spreadsheets or databases which helps keep the system up to date automatically when these parameters change over time; users can lower their operational costs making sure all scheduled jobs are running smoothly at all times while benefiting from efficient resource usage when they need it most.

Connect and Manage Data Across Multiple Sources is a data plumbing platform that helps organisations to connect and manage data from multiple sources such as databases, cloud apps and more. enables you to rapidly integrate your data from any source to help streamline workflows and reduce time-to-insight. With support for over 100+ native source connectors, its simple user interface allows you to take control of your data easily, quickly and efficiently. allows users to easily connect data sources such as Salesforce, Oracle, MySQL (most databases) and cloud-based applications including SaaS services like Google Sheets or Dropbox store their valuable data securely in the cloud while they control what analysis they want to run when needed. The platform then automatically orchestrates the transfer of datasets across systems optimising performance and efficiency whenever required.

For Enterprises with multiple legacy systems all functioning indiscriminately – Metrolink can manage the complexity associated with this by providing real-time synchronisation capabilities between all systems while minimising errors, manual processes, silos & databases in one place. Data can be moved over clouds faster with additional security & scalability to store unique structures that can be used for complex analytics needs across endpoints at one time from start till finish! This helps organisations streamline their operations by avoiding roadblocks associated with manual integration processes of various computing ecosystems despite locations or protocols through automated wizards driving user experience & 360° insight into mission critical decisions taken within enterprises!

Streamline Data Workflows provides the best way to streamline data workflows and automate connecting and managing various data sources. The platform offers users a simple, web-based interface to manage all their data sources and powerful features that make it easier to monitor, manage and enrich data.

With’s capabilities, organisations can:

  • Connect disparate sources of data without manual coding by leveraging its intuitive drag-and-drop connector pipeline feature that helps users patch together even complex data architectures with ease
  • Automatically cleanse and normalise incoming datasets to ensure that all necessary information is included for further analysis
  • Instrument their system with automatic notifications triggered when changes occur in any part of their connected system
  • Streamline processes essential for production systems like change auditing or tracking system logs
  • Generate Machine Learning enabled data pipelines with just one click validation queries making it easier to spot anomalies in data sets quickly
  • Enable versioning control through its custom dataset governance framework. This ensures that teams know the origins and evolution of their datasets to have greater visibility into the changes made during the development lifecycle.

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