Confused about the differences between the German army and other armies in Company of Heroes 3? You’re not alone!

This article will help you understand how the German army differs from others in Company of Heroes 3, so you can dive right into the game.

Introduction to Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 is the newest installment in the critically-acclaimed Company of Heroes real-time strategy game series. This game is set on all fronts of World War II, and players will have the opportunity to relive historic battles and experience war as never before. As one of the six factions featured in Company of Heroes 3, players will have the opportunity to control powerful German forces in all-out warfare against their enemies. This article explores the differences between playing as a German army and other factions in Company of Heroes 3, highlighting their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Players taking control of a German force can expect to see a blend of fanatical infantry units supported by heavier armored vehicles like tanks and half-tracks. Germany also has access to superior air power with its powerful Luftwaffe bombers that can rain destruction from the skies above their enemies’ forces. The Luftwaffe also offer support to ground troops with their sweeping strafing runs, where they can target multiple units at once with devastating firepower. On top of this, Germany boasts artillery units that can bombard enemies from long range positions without leaving themselves vulnerable, something other factions cannot do as well.

The price for these tactical advantages rarely comes without cost however; most German units will be more expensive than those found in other nations’ armies – an obvious detriment during battle when resources are often low or limited despite your best strategies. Also depending on gameplay progressions these more costly forces are made further accessible through timely advancement in technology (for example mining for rare materials such as uranium) allowing them upgrade said vehicles further from their base forms into enhanced versions utilizing special weaponry tailored especially for victory scenarios fitting players’ styles (such as close range combat or hit and run tactics). Furthermore such upgrades should not be undervalued as it thereby grants you access to powerful special weapons like flamethrowers or heavy guns enabling your forces an extra edge during battle – albeit only after acknowledging wartime logistics involved within such operations.

History of the German Army

Since ancient times, German armies have been fiercely independent and militarily effective. For centuries, their combat prowess has earned them both respect and fear from other nations. In Company of Heroes 3, the German army is no exception as it features elite units such as Panzergrenadiers and powerful Tiger tanks.

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The most distinctive feature of the German Army in Company of Heroes 3 is its use of highly specialized units. Specialized combat doctrinal strategies are employed to give each class a distinct identity that serves to bolster their combat performance in specific scenarios. Panzergrenadiers are the primary shock troops for this doctrine and offer superior firepower at close range while also featuring mobile anti-tank capabilities. Elite ‘Stormtrooper’ squads offer further specialized infantry roles such as short-range aggressive charged assaults with special weapons or flamethrowers, perfect for taking out entrenched positions or garrisoned buildings with minimal casualties.

Powerful vehicles such as the Tiger tank confer particular strength to the Germans in Company of Heroes 3, although they come at a cost. The single-minded focus on armored combat solutions requires careful handling to avoid over committing valuable resources which can turn a victory into defeat if not managed carefully by commanders on both sides of battle lines.

The Germans are also well represented in terms of officer abilities; Captain Wolfgang Jager is available to lead your forces into battle and bring his deadly panzershreck along for backup if things get too hairy! His officers skills can be used to boost your troops’ morale and ensure victory over any enemy while inspiring allies around him with his soldiers’ courage and determination in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

Overview of German Army in Company of Heroes 3

The German Army in Company Of Heroes 3 offers a distinct playstyle focused on powerful, adaptable units used to form precise tactical advantages. At the heart of the German military arsenal is its vast equipment and technology; allowing them to quickly coordinate and respond to any situation thrown their way. On the frontline, innovative tanks, fast-moving infantry, and deadly aircraft form an efficient combination of versatile units that can easily outmaneuver their opponents.

The German Army has a strong set of production capabilities. Not only can they build an effective force in short order, but also field specialized teams that focus on specific combat strategies. Players are able to control exactly what kind of forces they want and tailor their skill specialization accordingly. For example, players can focus on building mechanized forces or emphasize artillery barrages with heavy self-propelled guns for ranged firepower options.

Offensive operations are where the German Armed Forces truly come into their own, as an ever-expanding arsenal of weaponry makes them one of the most formidable fighting forces in Company Of Heroes 3. From ZUGKRAFTWAGEN (half tracked tank destroyer) units armed with devastating anti-tank fire support options to MASCHINENPISTOLE assault squads, who specialize in close quarter combat engagements; The Germans have it all! Special attention should also be paid to their fearsome Luftwaffe airforce – meant to harass enemy movements with taunting dive bombers while strategic air complexes rain destruction from afar.

Unique Features of German Army in Company of Heroes 3

The German Army in Company of Heroes 3 promises to bring a unique and memorable gaming experience. As one of the playable factions in the game, the German Army is an important player in both the single-player campaign and multiplayer modes. The German Army offers specialized vehicles, units, and abilities that are distinct compared with other armies. In this article, we will explore some of the unique features of playing as the German Army in Company of Heroes 3.

Firstly, German players will have access to a large number of specialized units and equipment. These specialized units include tanks such as Panther tank or Tiger tank (which can be upgraded from Tiger I to Tiger II), armored personnel carriers like the SdKfz 251 halftrack, medium machine guns like MG34 or MG42, rocket launchers like Krug or Wehrmacht Panzerfaust 100, heavy artillery such as 21cm Morser 18 or 28cm Kanononier 33/2 for long range firefights; these are only some examples of what players can expect from this faction. Moreover, players will also have access to special doctrines which are tailored for particular battlefield strategies such as Blitzkrieg where fast-moving infantry and tanks team up with air support for quick breakthroughs or Attritional warfare that combines precise long range fire with infantry assaults.

Furthermore, German forces also feature special defensive mining system which allow players to effectively turn important positions into deadly killing zones by planting landmines around their structures and chokepoints against attacks from enemy forces. Other unique features that offer more realism to gameplay include Nebelwerfer barrage ability that allows using mortar artillery on target locations along with Panzerschreck anti-tank weapon upgrades for dishing out heavy damage against enemy vehicles. All these features promise a truly immersive World War II battlefield experience when you play as Germans in Company of Heroes 3!

Can you Play as Germans Company of Heroes 3

In Company of Heroes 3, the German army has a unique set of combat strategies and tactics which emphasize mobility, surprise and agility. In comparison to other armies in the game, the German army is best suited for an attacking or flanking playstyle as they make use of their superior infantry units and versatile troops to outmaneuver opponents.

The diversity of their forces allows a myriad of tactics that can be used to overwhelm opponents with speed, surprise and fire power. This versatile play style combined with their tough defensive capabilities allow German forces to make quick counterattacks on opponents while also preparing powerful defensive positions when needed.

The main battle tank in Company of Heroes 3 is the Tiger Tank, one of the most feared and revered tanks in military history due to its large size, heavy armor and powerful profile – not to mention its intimidating 88mm twin cannons. These tanks have immense health bars meaning they take several direct hits from anti-tank weapons before going down – making them perfect for launching sudden assaults or providing covering fire for infantry as they advance behind it.

The Germans’ infantry troops become especially important later in the game when it comes down to point defense strategies – where you’re relying on your knack for positioning troops correctly rather than brute force tactics. These elite soldiers are well trained when it comes to tactical retreats and quickly setting up defensive positions against enemy attacks which makes them ideal for defending key locations while also allowing them to launch quick retaliatory strikes if necessary.

German Army Strengths and Weaknesses in Company of Heroes 3

The German army in Company of Heroes 3 is a strong, versatile force that brings a combination of strength and speed unlike any other army. While they are often heavily outnumbered and lack the same level of mobility as their opponents, they can quickly close the gap using their vehicle units to surround or rush enemies, taking advantage of their superior firepower. They have access to some powerful defensive abilities including bunker construction and heavy cover from fortifications like sandbags, walls, and trenches.

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Though their vehicles are formidable and effective against infantry, the German army has some weaknesses when it comes to vehicle combat. They possess fewer anti-tank weapons than many of their opponents which can make it more difficult for them to take out vehicles in enemy forces quickly and efficiently. Their lack of air power also puts them at a disadvantage when trying to clear out areas from the sky with fighter aircraft or bombers. Additionally, despite being able to assemble very capable defensive lines in a short period of time they can be vulnerable if caught on open ground where tanks and artillery can quickly lay waste to concentrated units.

Overall the German army offers a unique set of strategies that blend strength, speed and aggression into an unpredictable force that can destabilize enemy lines before launching into an attack or defend with incredible resilience while forcing engagement on hostile forces in unexpected ways.

Comparison of German Army to Other Armies in Company of Heroes 3

German armies in Company of Heroes 3 are unique compared to other armies in the game. The German army in Company of Heroes 3 is the only army which has a focus on “organized defense” and superior tactical control on the battlefield. It also has access to more powerful versions of some infantry, as well as modernized versions of classical German engineering such as bunkers and Wolves (special anti-infantry units).

In comparison to some other armies, the German army has certain strengths and weaknesses. Their mobile, organized defenses can be used to great effect when toughing it out against an enemy advance. However, their lack of heavy armor like tanks or destroyers makes them vulnerable to deep strikes and can leave them unprepared for enemy offensives if they are not engaged properly with infantry.

Overall, while playing with a German army gives players access to unique troop types and defensive capabilities that aren’t available with any other forces in Company of Heroes 3, they also have a greater reliance on positioning and tactics than most other armies which allows for thrilling matchups between two opponents.


In conclusion, the German army in Company of Heroes 3 is unique from many other armies in that it focuses more on the strategy and tactics of war, placing emphasis on careful planning and deployment of troops rather than raw firepower. The German army also offers a wide selection of specialized units that can be used to great effect in order to gain a strategic advantage over an enemy.

Lastly, there are differing ideologies among the various factions within the German Army giving players more options when it comes to utilizing their forces to win battles. Currently, this game is not available to play as Germans yet.

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