Are you looking for an enjoyable, captivating gaming experience? Look no further than Grim Dawn. This gripping action-RPG has captivating side quests and intense level progression – but how many levels are in Shattered Guardian’s domain? You’ll be awestruck by the answer!


Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game set in a fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. It is developed by Crate Entertainment and was released in February 2016 on Microsoft Windows, SteamOS, and macOS.

In this dark world players must explore the environment, engage in combat with monsters and bosses, collect loot, complete quests, and upgrade their characters to survive the increasingly brutal dungeons.

Grim Dawn features a dual-class character system that allows players to create their own characters by combining two distinct classes. This combination of classes grants access to powerful abilities that can be further customized through the use of Devotions. Players also have access to a plethora of items ranging from weapons to armor all of which can be used to customize their characters as they progress through the game.

Grim Dawn has six playable chapters with formidable foes scattered throughout them. Three regions constitute each chapter along with several side-quests and secret areas enabling exploration and discovery as you progress through Grim Dawn’s storyline.

The Shattered Guardian Domain is the fifth chapter which culminates in one of eight possible endings depending on player choice at various points within it – some ending more happily than others! There are twelve main levels in this domain (in addition to side quests) which may challenge even seasoned gamers!

Overview of Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is an Action-RPG set in the apocalyptic fantasy world of Cairn. There, it is up to the players to stand against the angry Generals of Chaos and save the human race from extinction. The game features an expansive storyline presented in a richly detailed setting, three character classes, hundreds of collectible Unique Items, randomized loot system and intense dynamic world events. With gravity-defying combat and vast hours of dark narrative adventures that span multiple acts with challenging quests and monsters, Grim Dawn offers a thrilling journey into the depths of illusionary darkness as players explore its ever-expanding worlds.

In Grim Dawn, players are able to choose from three different classes: Soldier, Occultist or Demolitionist; each class offering unique play styles and options for gamers. Through these character classes players can customize their characters with an extensive selection of skills and abilities while progressing in their adventure. Upgradable weapons can be acquired throughout their journey with various effects and skills attached utilizing a robust crafting system.

Shattered Guardian’s Domain is the fifth main area in Grim Dawn that introduces a new type of enemy never before seen: The Corrupted Ancients – twisted versions of Cairn’s former inhabitants; deadly monstrosities possessing powerful defenses against physical attacks as well as magical talents to incinerate enemies with devastating power. Vandus Hammerhand will present you with a challenge as he lords over his domain with terrorizing force! Players must battle all manner of twisted creatures while ascending seven tiers to reach his throne room at the top within this Haunted Grove filled with mystery!

Gameplay Mechanics

Grim Dawn is a detailed RPG set in a mythical world full of hate, darkness and suffering. It follows the story of its main character, the Last Streetfighter, who is currently trying to reclaim the remnants of civilization from various supernatural entities. The game has many different mechanics ranging from customization and development paths for your character to delve into to dungeon exploration and monster hunting.

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Players can customize their characters by selecting attributes, mastering skills, unlocking equipment and more. Grim Dawn features several different classes allowing players to customize their play style according to their own preferences. Character progression is further bolstered by items that provide bonuses and an extensive crafting system that allows players to create different weapons with varying levels of effectiveness dependent on materials they can acquire while exploring their game world.

The Shattered Guardians Domain (SGD) mode offers players a unique challenge as they must navigate its ever-changing terrain while avoiding numerous traps scattered throughout. As they progress through each level, players will gain new abilities allowing them to go deeper into SGD’s depths as they work towards discovering its secrets. There are a total of 25 levels for players to explore in this challenging domain filled with monsters and treasures awaiting those brave enough to venture within its walls!

Character Customization

In Grim Dawn, you can customize your character with a deep and detailed level of customizations in the game’s class and talent system. You are able to choose one class at the start of the game and then gain access to more through the use of devotions. Each character you build offers its own unique playstyle so you can mix and match skills from different classes if you’d like.

The talents system also adds another layer to your customizations by allowing you to refine your skills. With each level up, you receive points that can be used to unlock special properties on certain skills, granting additional bonuses that allow even more customization. Combine this system with the different items and gear pieces you obtain from enemies throughout your journey through Grim Dawn’s “Once forsaken lands” and the result is a highly versatile character build capable of taking on any challenge or task bestowed upon it.

Grim Dawn How Many Levels in Shattered Guardians Domain

Shattered Guardians Domain is a level in the action role-playing game Grim Dawn developed by Crate Entertainment. This domain of Cairn is an area where the denizens of the world have gathered and built a mighty fortress in an effort to turn back the gruesome enemy they have encountered. It contains multiple arenas, numerous powerful bosses and various challenges, providing hours of thrilling gameplay to brave adventurers.

To reach Shattered Guardians Domain, players must first begin their journey at Burrwitch Village and complete several missions that lead up to unlocking the entrance. Once inside, they will find a deserted wasteland crypt serving as the entrance hall. As players battle against these enemies and discover new secrets about this mysteriously ruined fortress, they’ll gain experience points that contribute towards character progression and unlocking even greater challenges known as “Factions”.

Uniquely themed areas within shattered guardians domain consist of gloomy catacombs filled with necrotic enemies; chambers overflowing with Daemons; an abandoned hedge maze containing grotesque Ghols; and a sinister Mausoleum rendered with ancient Arcanian architecture.

The region culminates with a battle against three decorated guardians at each end of the shattered realm – each protecting powerful artifacts for players to discover – before progressing onto harder levels of shoots such as Iron shrine and Ruins of Corv Felltop. Upon defeating these hostile behemoths players will not only receive exclusive rewards but progress onto the next chapter in their thrilling adventure across Cairn!

Quests and Challenges

Quests and Challenges are the main source of rewards and experience in Grim Dawn. These activities come in various forms, from traveling to distant lands to earn the favor of powerful characters, to conquering dangerous dungeons full of monsters and traps. A variety of rewards are offered for completing these tasks, such as new equipment, experience points, money, and a higher reputation with local factions.

In particular, Shattered Guardians Domain is one of the most challenging areas of Grim Dawn. It is a realm deep underground that houses some of the toughest enemies in the game. The domain features multiple realms and dungeons containing difficult enemies that award great rewards when defeated. Quests must be completed as well to make progression through this domain possible. It also contains powerful bosses that must be overcome at certain levels before being able to move on further into it.

Rewards and Progression

As you progress through Grim Dawn, you will constantly come across rewards that enable further character development. These rewards come in the form of experience points (XP) in the form of quest rewards, monster kills and area exploration as well as loot dropped from monsters and chests. You will also be rewarded with skill points throughout the game that can be used to hone your character’s powers or unlock new abilities. As your level increases, so do your attributes and skill tree selections.

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Each act requires players to defeat a different number of Guardians located within their own private domains before they are able to move on to the next level. Defeating each Guardian begins a quest chain that takes players deeper into the storyline, unlocking various lore entries along the way as well as special items from each Guardian’s Domain Chest once it has been unlocked with a Sha’Kregnash Mystic Badge (quest reward), which is used for trade at merchants in Devil’s Crossing. With each domain cleared, stronger enemies begin to appear in both adventure mode maps and dungeons alike.

The Shattered Guardians Domain contains nine levels for players to conquer in order for them to progress further into the story. Completing all these levels will unlock special Elder bonuses such as stats boosts or special items from an Elder Chest which is opened with an Elder Relic (quest reward).

Final Thoughts

Grim Dawn offers gamers a compelling experience, with its rich and engaging storyline and exceptionally designed gameplay. Players will face a range of enemies and characters, explore their way through the procedurally generated levels of the Shattered Guardian Domain, and find rare loot as they battle their way through an ever-changing adventure.

The game’s mechanics are fun and intuitive, making it easy to pick up and play without being bogged down by tedious tutorials or an overly long learning curve. With its fast-paced action and intense interactions with enemies, Grim Dawn gives every player a memorable experience each time they play.

Furthermore, Grim Dawn is quite replayable as players can complete entirely new levels in the same domain multiple times, making progress steadily to build up their character’s strength to deal with ever more difficult challenges. With plenty of content for solo or multiplayer, the game does not disappoint.

Overall, Grim Dawn offers an engaging storyline combined with exciting gameplay elements that make for an unforgettable gaming experience. Whether you choose to take on solo missions or adventurous dungeons with friends, you are guaranteed loads of fun!

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