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In Grimrock 2, guardians are a special type of creature that can help you in your adventure.

Guardians are summoned by the player and their main purpose is to protect you from enemies and other dangers. They can also provide utility bonuses such as increasing your strength or providing access to secret areas and items.

Guardians can be found in most dungeons and caves, but they must be activated before they will come to your aid. Summoning a guardian requires magical power – either a spell or an item – so it is important to understand how these magical components work before attempting to call a guardian.

In this guide, we will discuss the basics of summoning guardians in Grimrock 2 as well as some of the bonuses they provide when summoned successfully.

What are Guardians in Grim Rock 2

In Grimrock 2, guardians are mystical spirits that players can invoke to temporarily help them in the game. Guardians differ from regular summoned creatures who serve you throughout the whole journey and have certain abilities which can be helpful in battle or during exploration of certain levels.

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Guardians are summoned by using special scrolls which can be found during the game, or purchased from vendors. When summoned, they vanish after a short time and appear as a blue figure on the screen that follows your characters around. Each guardian has an ability and when invoked will perform it. You only have limited scrolls available and these should be used with caution depending on your situation.

The first guardian is known as Valor and when under his power increases your party’s reflexes allowing them to dodge attacks more easily. Another summonable guardian is called Bravery which boosts your party members’ defense against physical damage. Protection is also found, increasing resistance against magical damage for a brief period of time. Other guardians such as Pain allow for increased attack power of all characters for maximum damage output, while Swiftness increases speed making sneaky running away easier. All these grant various bonuses to four party members simultaneously for a limited time so knowing when to invoke them is important!

How do Guardians Help You

In the Grimrock II game, Guardians are powerful NPCs (non-playable characters) that can be called upon to help in various situations. Guardians are encountered throughout the game and offer helpful advice, or provide access to special locations.

The most basic way for a Guardian to help you is by giving you advice about how to progress through a level or area. Some Guardians may even open pathways leading to previously inaccessible areas other than through secret doors. Additionally, some Guardians provide specific services when summoned from their position in the current level. For example, if you are stuck in a difficult area and cannot reach the exit, a friendly Guardian might give you a teleporter stone that will quickly transport you back to safety!

Another way guardians can help you is by activating minor effects on your character’s equipment, such as enhanced damage or resistance against elemental attacks (fire/ice/lightning). They can also grant temporary bonus attributes or even special skills like Knockdown or Paralyze which will temporarily allow your hidden weapons and spells become active while they remain in effect. Finally, some powerful guardians may even grant powerful one-time use items (spell scrolls) which could be used as needed during your adventure!

Overall, it is beneficial for players of Grimrock II to befriend Guardians because they offer much needed aid benefits without requiring any sort of payment from the player. So do your best not to upset them on your journey – choose your battles wisely!

Types of Guardians

Grimrock 2 is a challenging video game that requires quick thinking and strategy-making. During your journey through the treacherous dungeons, you will have help in the form of supporting characters known as guardians. While each guardian may have different goals they are all here to assist, protect, and guide you on your mission. They can also provide helpful advice on solving puzzles or other challenges.

There are several types of guardians available in Grimrock 2:

  • Light Guardians: These powerful beings act as protectors for the player, providing healing or boosts in power that can help turn defeat into victory.
  • Dark Guardians: Harbingers of doom, these malicious entities seek to cause havoc and ruin for the protagonist but may be swayed to join your cause if you can provide them with good reasons why they should help.
  • Elemental Guardians: Elementals are semi-sentient creatures imbued with magical powers that tap into their respective element, such as fire, water, dark matter or ethereal energies. By mastering elemental magic within their own environment they can be called upon to aid you in your quest.
  • Soul Guardians: These ethereal spirits appear when a life has been taken in battle and offer boons such as extra power or knowledge; however once summoned they must return back to where they came from so use them wisely!

How to Call Guardians Grim Rock 2

In the action-adventure dungeon crawler game Grimrock 2, guardians are powerful creatures that can help you progress through the game. Calling these creatures requires specific items from your inventory, so it’s important to know what and how to use guardian summoning items.

There are two kinds of summoning items: Player summoned and Call of Guardians, both brought about by using unique combinations of runes. Player-summoned guardians will protect a character from enemies until the guardian is slain or dismissed. When using Call of Guardians, a specific type of creature will spawn and come to aid you temporarily but then immediately vanish upon completion.

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To summon Player summoned Guardians:

  • Find the necessary Guardian Summoning Runes in your inventory – there are seven different runes with various effects
  • Once collected, combine them to create a rune combination with desired details (such as weapon or protection runes)
  • Activate it by simply double-clicking on it
  • Your Guardian will then appear in front of you!
  • You can dismiss them at any time by double-clicking on their reserved runes again (which will also be listed in your inventory).

To summon an active Call of Guardians:

  • Collect three pieces of Guardian summoning stones scattered throughout the game levels
  • Combine these stones together to make a special charm – this will be added to your inventory for future use
  • Activate this charm by clicking it from your inventory – this will call forth one random creature from near and far who will fight on behalf of you for a short period of time! Once the creature is dismissed or expires from battle, the charm can no longer be used again until after completing all areas found within that level in Grimrock 2 game play.

Tips and Strategies for Using Guardians

In the game, Guardians are powerful and helpful entities that can be summoned in different ways. By using their abilities, Guardians can help you reach your destinations faster, open inaccessible passages and even fight your enemies. While some of these abilities can be used for free, others require mana – so it’s important to plan ahead. To call forth Guardians in Grim Rock 2 and make sure they’re working optimally, follow these steps.

1. Collect Callstones: You need one to summon a Guardian in-game. These stones are scattered around the world and certain enemies might drop them as well when defeated.

2. Choose summoning places wisely: Once you have a Callstone in hand, make sure you pick the right place to summon a Guardian. Not doing so could result in failure or send your guardian too far away where they will be unable to help you out in time or conveniently access areas you need opened out of reach elsewhere within the game environment relative to its starting point location.

3. Prepare a safe zone: You should always strive to create safe zones when calling on Guardian assistance since not all summoned Guardians may obey orders immediately nor turn against you if things get hostile quickly enough upon inclusion should their summoner not take extra precautions beforehand with such cautionary addenda admonsitions. Consider using walls or stones for this purpose-they offer protection from enemy attacks as well as give time for the new ally to join your team fast before things get rough too quickly.

4. Use guardian power wisely:Make sure that each summoned Guardian is put into good use according to its inherent characteristics like strength, speed and others that become available throughout gameplay with experience earned while on-going levels progress steadily.

Popular Guardians in Grim Rock 2

Grimrock 2 is a dungeon crawling first-person game where players progress through levels by solving puzzles, overcoming traps, and defeating monsters. In addition to your own party of five adventurers, you can also call upon the aid of powerful Guardians to help you in your quest. The following are some of the more popular Guardians that players typically call upon in their travels.

-Bann Fox: Bann Fox is one of the most popular and helpful Guardian in Grimrock 2. He specializes in healing and buffing allies, debuffing enemies, and protecting them from physical damage. He also has an array of powerful divine spells at his disposal.

-Enclave Watcher: This Guardian specializes in defensive magic and service as a protector of friends within a given area. Enclave Watchers can cast several different types of friendly spells while actively recycling any enemy threats they come across along the way.

-Soulbinder: Soulbinders have the ability to summon powerful creatures to their side while dealing heavy damage with magical attacks and blasts — often paralyzing or confusing their foes along the way. Soulbinders use melee attacks as well, so they make a great addition to any party’s composition for both offense and defense purposes.

-Unbinder: Unbinders are divine warriors who specialize in annihilating enemies with massive amounts of magical energy from very long range – often long before they can detect or even move towards them! Unbinders also boasts an impressive array of crowd control abilities as well as heavily damaging single target spells which makes them an invaluable asset to any party engaged in battle.

-Xavius: Xavius is another Guardian who has access to all manner of spells — ranging from healing allies with buffs or debuffing enemies with curses, fireballs or lightning bolts, Xavius’ skills are essential for many parties brave enough to take on this game’s dark dungeons!


The use of guardians in the Grimrock 2 game can be invaluable to players. Not only can they protect against damage, but they can be brought along on adventures and used to solve puzzles, open doors, and otherwise assist in progressing in the game. Being careful with where their Summoned Guardian is placed is essential for a successful playthrough. With the right strategies players can use them to their advantage and master the game.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, summoning Guardians takes practice and know-how to get right; however with some patience, an understanding of how summoning works, and experimentation with different strategies you’ll be able to make these powerful allies work for you.

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