Are you wondering if the epic “Company of Heroes” series has a third installment coming out? You’re not alone!

Read on to learn about the possibility of Company of Heroes 3 and what it could possibly bring to the table.


Since the release of Company of Heroes in 2006, fans around the world have been captivated by this iconic real-time strategy game series. By combining a thrilling story with an immersive WW2 setting, the franchise has become a favorite amongst gamers everywhere.

As with any beloved franchise, many are hoping to see a sequel in the near future. Company of Heroes 3 may or may not happen, but until an official announcement is made, supporters can only speculate as to its chances.

In this article, we will discuss the possibilities and offer some insight into why certain things may or may not be happening with the potential third installment to this much-loved franchise.

Overview of the Company of Heroes Series

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game series created by Relic Entertainment and released under the banner of THQ. The first game in the series was released in 2006, and it has gone on to be a major success across multiple platforms, with expansion packs released over the years. The most recent installment, Company of Heroes 2, was released in 2013 to widespread acclaim.

The first game follows a simple plot: it’s World War II, and you take control of an American squad as they battle their way through the chaotic battlefields of Europe. It’s a single-player campaign that pits you against Axis forces as you attempt to liberate different sectors of Germany by way of customizing vehicles and dogfighting your way up the leaderboards. As time progresses, you gain access to new weapons and equipment which can help turn the tide against German forces, making your attack faster and more effective as well as more strategic.

With its large tactical maps and diverse array of units at your disposal—from tanks to infantry—Company Of Heroes has become known for well-thought out strategies amidst intense firefights. The games offer immense replayability due to their multiplayer capabilities ranging from 1v1 duels to large 4 player team battles online or offline skirmishes with various AI controlled opponents available for play.

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Given its success over almost two decades now, people have been wondering whether a third installment is on its way anytime soon. While no official announcement has been made yet about Company Of Heroes 3, there have been plenty of rumors about when or if it will ever be released that serve as an indication that one could be incoming at some point down the line – but only time will tell!?

What is the Future of the Series

The future of the Company of Heroes series is unclear. The series originated in 2006 with a first-person real-time strategy (RTS) game called Company of Heroes. Following the success of this title, two sequels were released in 2013 and 2019 respectively. However, since the release of Company of Heroes 3 there has been no news or announcements regarding a potential fourth installment.

If there is another game in development, developers Relic Entertainment have yet to make any official statements on their plans for the series. Despite this lack of news, metacritic user scores for each game remain consistently high and fans continue to express interest in additional games being produced.

Some have speculated that Relic Entertainment may be working on a spin-off or full expansion pack as opposed to an entirely new title as they have been rather busy with other projects such as Age of Empires 4 which was announced at X019 and is slated for release in 2021. However, no official announcements have been made yet so it’s impossible to tell what direction the series will go next.

Ultimately only time will tell what direction Relic Entertainment chooses but whether it’s an entirely new Company of Heroes or another project under their belt, enthusiasm from fans remains unwavering and hope for a sequel remains alive until further announcements are made from the studio itself.

Developer’s Perspective on the Series

Over the years, the popular strategy game Company of Heroes has become one of the most beloved franchises in video game history. Many fans have been asking if there is a possibility of a third title in the series, as the previous two have been incredibly successful. However, while many would love to hear that a new title is on its way, it appears unlikely at this time.

From a developer’s perspective, it seems that interest in and sales for past titles in the series have declined over time. The original Company of Heroes was released to critical and commercial success in 2006 but its sequel did not reach such acclaim or sales records. As well, with recent changes to SEGA’s corporate structure and resulting restructuring it appears unlikely that a third title will be developed anytime soon.

Additionally, some experts suggest that Relic Entertainment – currently owned by Microsoft – may prioritize development on their other franchises such as Dawn of War as opposed to returning to work on Company of Heroes 3 – especially given its lower current demand for the series but would likely keep an eye on fan reception for any announced titles or remasters first before considering another production process with the series again.

Is There Going to be a Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 has not been officially announced by publisher SEGA or developer Relic Entertainment, but given the success and popularity of the previous title, it is likely that a third installment will eventually be released. Although there have been no announcements from SEGA or Relic regarding an imminent release, there are several factors suggesting that fans will eventually see Company of Heroes 3.

The most recent title in the series was Company of Heroes 2, which was released on June 25th 2013 nearly seven years prior to this article’s date of publication. The game was generally well-received and it has maintained a healthy playerbase with periodic updates throughout its lifespan. This makes it likely that Relic will release another installment in order to capitalize on their successes and extend the life-cycle of their franchise.

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Although there is currently no confirmed timeline for a potential release, speculation has suggested that a new game could be expected sometime in 2022 or 2023; however, this should be taken with a grain of salt as there are still many unknowns surrounding progress on the sequel. In any case, it is likely fans will see some sort of update from SEGA or Relic in the near future regarding progress on Company Of Heroes 3.

Possible Features and Gameplay

The future of the Company of Heroes franchise is still uncertain, as developer Relic Entertainment has yet to make any official announcements regarding Company of Heroes 3 or any other related project. However, considering the success of the first two entries in the series, we may eventually expect to see a new installment in the game.

In terms of what features and gameplay we could potentially see from Company of Heroes 3, many fans are hoping for an even deeper implementation of tactical combat and realistic battlefields that were so crucial to the original games. Additionally, a wide range of weapons and vehicles might also be featured; some fans have also made suggestions for introducing modern warfare elements into gameplay.

Whether or not these ideas will appear in Company of Heroes 3 remains to be seen, but if Relic does decide to move forward with a third installment in the series, there’s no doubt that it will receive warm welcome from longtime fans.

Fans’ Reactions to the Series

The Company of Heroes series has been a fan favorite since its inception in 2006. The original game earned numerous awards and accolades, with some deeming it the best real-time strategy (RTS) game ever made. Its sequel was similarly praised and received just as much praise from both fans and critics alike. The franchise achieved a cult following, with many gamers still playing and streaming today. As a result, numerous fans have wondered if there will ever be a Company of Heroes 3.

Despite several hints by franchise developers Relic Entertainment and SEGA that they were considering creating another installment in the series, no official announcement of Company of Heroes 3 has been made. This has left many players feeling disappointed and worried about the future of the franchise, though others remain hopeful that their beloved RTS will live to see another day.

While the possibility of a new installment seems unlikely at the moment, all we can do is wait in anticipation to see what Relic Entertainment has planned for the future of Company of Heroes.


Based on the available information, it is difficult to conclude whether there will be a Company of Heroes 3. Relic Entertainment has been acquired by SEGA and the developer is currently focused on Age of Empires 4, which makes it unlikely that a third installment in the series will be released in the near future. Additionally, there haven’t been any reports from reliable sources about a potential Company of Heroes 3 game being in development.

Thus, at this point in time, it seems that there won’t be a Company of Heroes 3 anytime soon.

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