Are you a true Pokémon Master? If so, then the legendary Pokémon Arceus awaits. With its unrivaled power and mythical status, it is an essential addition to any trainer’s collection.

Discover how to get Arceus and become the champion of your region!

Introduction to Arceus

Arceus is a Legendary Pokémon that appears in the Pokémon franchise. It is said to be the creator of the universe and is considered to be the most powerful of all existing Pokémon. Arceus is a type-null creature with a unique physical form and crystalline structure, possessing an immense amount of power that it can use for both good or evil purposes.

The first appearance of Arceus was in the games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as part of its plot to create a world where diamond shapes are abundant. It is also featured in later versions of the game series appearing as rescue targets in various missions. Arceus has become increasingly common as it has gone through several updates, becoming one of the most popular Legendary pokémon today.

In order to obtain Arceus, players have several options available to them ranging from rare events such as Mystery Gift promotions, or participating in certain side games involving raids or shaking trees. While not all locations will offer access to Arceus, there are still many ways to encounter and capture it across different versions and generations of games. Capturing Arceus requires an understanding into its nature and behavior patterns if one wishes for success against its powerful abilities.

Arceus’ Legendary Status

Arceus is a powerful deity-like Pokémon with its legendary status stemming from its godly origins. Arceus is believed to have created the universe with the Sinnoh region being particularly important as it is of special significance to Arceus. The creation myth describes Arceus creating Dialga and Palkia to shape space, creating the lakes and a waterway system, giving rise to Uxie to preside over knowledge, giving Mesprit the emotions of creatures, providing Azelf with willpower and constructing Heatran from fire and steel.

Arceus also created Pokémon such as Rotom and Giratina as guardians of into different worlds. As one of the few Legendary Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution, Arceus can achieve an even more powerful form. Because it has no natural predators or enemies in its world, Arceus is said to be invincible when encountered in battle.

In many games like Pokemon Diamond/Pearl & Platinum versions, Arceus can be captured after traveling through various dangerous puzzles called Chambers or collected through various event distributions conducted online or in physical stores by Nintendo. Players may also encounter Arceus through tethering with other players online from around the globe and then battling against it together or alone depending on their choice of adventure mode. All these tasks must be completed before trainers will be rewarded an opportunity at capturing this powerful Legendary Pokémon for yourself!

Arceus’ Origin Story

Arceus is believed to have arrived in our world over 3,000 years ago. According to legend, Arceus emerged from an egg and then created the universe by using its power of creation. It is said that it generated all of the Pokémons in the world, then split its body into sixteen pieces that took shape in one legendary treasure known as “The Plates”.

It has been written that Arceus was a being of immeasurable power capable of creating life and destroying it with a single thought, and whose very presence exudes terrifying aura. Though some sneer at such tales, others hold a special reverence for Arceus as the creator of all things Pokéonic. As a result, some trainers will travel to extraordinary lengths to obtain Arceus, believing they will be recipients of unthinkable benefits as a reward for their endeavors.

In order to acquire all sixteen Plates unearthed by Arceus upon its entrance to our world, this mythical Pokémon must be tracked down and eventually caught or befriended among other means. It has been seen roaming various regions during particular times of day in order to achieve balance within its own environment and source sustenance. Then again it might only come if you become like none other and prove yourself worthy of its presence. So if you are lucky enough to find yourself face-to-face with an Arceus while out exploring the creatures’ respective habitats you could reap many rewards both tangible or otherwise from such rare encounters.

Arceus’ Powers and Abilities

Arceus, the mythical-type Pokémon, is said to be the creator of the universe and has the power to manipulate space, time, and creation. It can utilize the full powers of any Elemental Plate it is holding. With its great strength and skills, Arceus is capable of using immense elemental attacks based on its type. This includes Judgment, a powerful Normal-type move that can change its type depending on which plate Arceus holds.

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In addition to legendary moves such as Judgement and Spacial Rend, Arceus is able to use many different abilities granted by its wondrous level design. For example, while in battle Arceus can make use of the pressure ability which reduces an opponent’s stats when they speak or make a move supported by a plate like Steelix Plate or Draco Plate. Additionally, despite not being able to maneuver in water unlike some other Water-types due to its inability to learn Surf or Dive moves it does have the swiftness of Coldflash for mobility in icy terrain. Finally it also comes with special signature moves including Recover for recovering HP as well as Geomancy for full healing on surrounding allies and foes alike by drawing from ambient energy from all around it. All these powers combined make Arceus one incredible Legendary Pokémon with very few weaknesses if any especially when used with a variety of plates!

Arceus’ Role in the Pokémon Universe

As one of the original Legendary Pokémon, Arceus has become iconic within the franchise. This deity-like creature is said to have created the game’s entire universe and its story revolves around its mysterious past. Despite not appearing in the main storyline of any Generation IV, V, or VI games, he makes a cameo in Pokémon Platinum as Giratina’s master. Within the lore of other Animal Crossing titles, it is known as a deity-like entity who controls time and space.

This Mythical Pokémon has long been seen as a symbol of power throughout all games and an important part of rebuilding Sinnoh’s mythology. Due to being so legendary, trainers can only obtain an Arceus through very specific methods such as attending special events or trading with another player. Once acquired, this majestic creature comes with stats that are significantly higher than any other Pokémon in its class and provides 1/2 Special Defense EVs per level up — making it a formidable opponent both in battle and at contests alike.

In addition to its role within the games themselves, Arceus is also featured prominently in various books, movies and manga series — further cementing its importance within the franchise. To many players, this majestic creature remains one of the most beloved Legendary creatures around — representing power but also a sense of mystery surrounding how to get it!

Pokémon Legends Arceus How to Get Arceus

Arceus is a Legendary Pokémon of the Sinnoh region, and it is possible to encounter Arceus in a few games such as Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum you can encounter Arceus through three different ways.

The first way involves capturing Arceus in the twisting maze of Turnback Cave on Mt. Coronet. To unlock this area the player must have both Giratina (from the Distortion World) and Dialga or Palkia (defeating one of them). Once entered that cave, located on Spear Pillar, you will find Arceus at Level 80. Be sure to equip yourself with an Ultra Ball or Dusk Ball for a higher chance to capture it!

The second way requires you to use an item called Adamant Orb. You can obtain this item if you have obtained all 16 badges from Kanto and Johto regions in some way after completing the Battle Frontier post game in Platinum version only. After obtaining it, head to Sinjoh Ruins with your Adamant Orb together with either Dialga or Palkia then travel along Route 224. There they will fuse together and give birth to Arceus at level 1 or level 100 depending on whether the game is Platinum or Heart Gold/Soul Silver respectively so be careful!

And lastly those are ways mentioned already above plus some extra requirements for HG / SS version for summoning Arceus at Sinjoh Ruins; obtaining National Pokédex from Prof Oak & 8 Johto Gym Badges required after catching Dialga/Palkia afterwards you need to go there too!

Arceus’ Appearances in Other Media

Arceus has made many appearances in various other media outside of the main video game series, including the manga series and trading cards. In the manga PokéSpe, Arceus first made its appearance in a flashback from Green’s grandmother, in which it was said to have created the Sinnoh region. In this same manga, Arceus was also shown to have created Dialga and Palkia after an argument between them over whose power should govern time and space.

It was also featured prominently in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and is considered to feature one of its most important roles in all of Pokémon media with it being seen as a Supreme Being. It is implied throughout the game that Arceus helped create the universe, as well as all of its creatures within it including team steam members (e.g., Chimeco).

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Arceus appears as a sticker which increases attack power if it is used on Pikachu or any other electric-type fighter. Additionally, in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U , ‘Giant Pikachu’ takes on some of Arceus’ characteristic design elements when powered up with certain attacks from his respective Amiibo Statue during match intros or victory screens. It can also be summoned from a smash ball item where it uses an attack similar to Judgment capable of clearing out multiple opponents at once.

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Outside of video games, merchandise featuring Arceus includes plush dolls, trading cards, figures, action figures, Pokemon Rumble figurines and Adventure Plush toys. It has been featured heavily as part of many campaigns surrounding Pokémon such as “The Year Of Legendary Pokémon”, “Mythical Pokémon Collection” kit distributions and other events across both Japan and North America.


In conclusion, Arceus is an incredibly powerful Legendary Pokémon that has been known to be both a savior and a destroyer throughout history. Its ability to control the fate of the world gives it no equal in terms of strength, making it a force to be reckoned with. Though famously difficult to capture, trainers enterprising and resourceful enough can obtain an Arceus through special events or through the use of its corresponding super-effective Plate.

With knowledge and preparation, trainers everywhere have the potential to summon one of these amazing beings into their parties and become one step closer to completing their Pokédex.

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