Since its launch in 2004, NFL Radio on Sirius has been a premier destination for NFL news, fans and events. The station has provided coverage of the NFL Draft, Super Bowl Week, and comprehensive 24/7 content. However in 2020, NFL Radio on Sirius was discontinued and replaced by two new sports channels. Let’s explore what happened to the NFL Radio on Sirius.

What Happened to NFL Radio on Sirius

Sirius radio is a satellite radio service provider that was founded by Martine Rothblatt, Robert Briskman and David Margolese in 1990. Sirius broadcasts its programming from several satellites situated in geostationary orbits and it covers the entire continental United States, Canada and portions of the Caribbean. The service is subscription based with both personal/residential and commercial/fleet versions available for users. Sirius also offers multiple packages to suit every customer’s needs. In addition to music, Sirius offers news, talk and sports programming from which its subscribers can choose from. It has an extensive selection of sports channels including NFL Radio which carries live game broadcasts for all thirty-two NFL teams as well as weekly reviews, post-game coverage, analysis and highlights from the entire season. This service allows fans to listen to their favorite team’s games no matter where they are located on the planet thanks to comprehensive satellite coverage.

History of NFL Radio on Sirius

NFL Radio on Sirius was launched in 2005 as an exclusive channel dedicated to the National Football League. Coverage included up-to-the-minute news and information, live play-by-play of all games, and specially recorded content from NFL players and coaches. Over time, NFL Radio became one of the most popular channels on Sirius, drawing in millions of listeners. But what happened to NFL Radio on Sirius? Read on to find out.

How NFL Radio Began on Sirius

NFL Radio began broadcasting on Sirius Satellite Radio in August 2004. The channel is the home of year-round coverage of the National Football League, offering an extensive array of programming for every NFL fan. The channel initially provided 24 hour news and opinion related to the NFL, including coverage of the NFL Draft, analysis from respected sports writers and retired players, training camp updates, interviews with active players and coaches and game highlights. In addition to original programming created specifically for Sirius NFL Radio, live games aired on a delay on weekdays throughout football season. In 2007, Sirius launched a weekly recap show dedicated to each team in the league entitled “Team by Team”. This program showcased game reviews complete with highlights and possible options for improvement. As part of its agreement with the NFL, Sirius hosts programs local radio shows such as Clear Channel’s Mike & Mike as well as WIP Philadelphia’s The Angelo Cataldi Show making these sports talk shows accessible nationwide. Featured personalities include former Packers quarterback Brett Favre who appears regularly for an exclusive program; Hall of Fame running back Matt Forte provides daily analysis; former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher gives his insights on Sundays prior to games; Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann offers interviews with active players; longtime sportscaster Tim Ryan serves as host of weekly roundups known as “GamePick”; and Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Hannah Storm sums up each day in broadcasting twice daily segments with commentary about big games or breaking news stories about teams or players. With its comprehensive access to information first hand straight from league personnel, management staff and emerging stars within the ranks – Siruis’ NFL Network has been an Uber successful platform suitable not only those who are avidly invested in following professional football but also those who wish to learn more thrilling tidbits about this American sport staple backed by history dating back more than 100 years ago!

Popularity of NFL Radio on Sirius

NFL Radio on Sirius became an instant success when it first debuted in 2004. It quickly grew in popularity, drawing thousands of listeners who wanted to be the first to know about their favorite teams. As access to the programming grew, so did its audience as NHL and occasionally NBA games were added to the mix. In addition to live game broadcasts, NFL Radio on Sirius offered weekly news and analysis from experts like Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller. Fans got a deeper look at the NFL with segments like Inside the Huddle with active players, previews of upcoming matchups and post game shows all over again until late Monday night. As of 2020, NFL Radio is home to top-rated shows, like Moving the Chains with Brian Webber and Pat Kirwan; The Jim Rome Show; The Dean Blandino Show; Pro Football Now featuring Bill Polian; Overtime with Ross Tucker; PFW in Progress with Eric Edholm and Alex Marvez; The Opening Drive presented by Meltdown Comics; SXM Blitz—an interactive show featuring highlights and reactions from fans around the country — and plenty more content featuring national personalities as well as team-specific shows.

Reasons For The End of NFL Radio on Sirius

In 2005, Sirius and the National Football League (NFL) struck a deal to have the satellite radio provider broadcast the games of all 32 NFL teams. However, after fifteen years of broadcasting NFL games, in 2020 the NFL and Sirius decide to part ways. Below, we will discuss why the two companies went their separate ways.


Financial Issues

The merger of Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Radio in 2008 created the world’s largest satellite radio company and was mandated by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This merger, however, created many financial issues that led to the end of National Football League (NFL) Radio on Sirius in 2011. When the two companies combined, their debts totaled nearly $3.3 billion dollars, making XM’s $130 million new NFL rights fee contract become astronomically expensive for Sirius XM. At the same time, subscriptions decreased significantly as it struggled to repay its debt and rebuild its user base which put pressure on their budget for royalties and other rights fees associated with their programming such as NFL Radio. Additionally, ever since 1994 when the internet began to gain access to live online streaming sports coverage, audiences had begun to increasingly find ways outside of satellite radio to watch NFL games such as through collegiate networks and local television broadcasts decreasing its overall subscriber numbers further. This frustration along with rising costs forced Sirius executives to make drastic cuts in its once-lucrative “sports-talker” programming lineup which included NFL Radio resulting in a dramatic effect on its once loyal fanbase but more importantly also negatively impacting several employees who were laid off due to budget cutbacks as well.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes were a major factor leading to Sirius Satellite Radio’s decision to end NFL Radio broadcasts on its platform. In late 2006, the league announced that they had failed to finalize a new contract with Sirius due to conflict regarding the price of streaming rights. The two sides could not reach agreement and as a result, Sirius ceased broadcasting NFL games at the end of the 2006 season. As part of the original deal between upstart satellite radio company and America’s most popular sport, Sirius paid an undisclosed sum for exclusive rights to broadcast live NFL games for five years beginning in 2004. The agreement stipulated that Sirius provided access to every regular and postseason game nationwide at no extra cost above their regular subscription fees — making it a lucrative arrangement for both parties. However, midway through the five-year term, when their renewal deadline approached, disagreements over monetizing digital rights caused a deadlock between Sirius and NFL brass resulting in no new deal being reached before the start of the 2007 season. This would prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for fans hoping for seamless access throughout America’s most popular sporting event — prompting further criticism from consumers who felt like they were being slighted by both parties involved in the dispute.

Impact of NFL Radio’s End on Sirius

NFL Radio was a popular live streaming program available through Sirius XM for a number of years. In 2020, the NFL Radio partnership with Sirius XM ended, resulting in the loss of a significant source of revenue for Sirius. This article will discuss the impact of NFL Radio’s end on Sirius and its implications for the company.

Decline of Sirius Subscribers

The abrupt ending of NFL Radio on Sirius has resulted in a noticeable decline in subscribers for the satellite radio provider. Prior to its retirement, NFL Radio was carrying football game talk and analysis to millions of sports fans. It had become a key cornerstone for Sirius by drawing in millions of people and inviting them to stick around for more than just the football season. Its departure has resulted in listenership halving from a peak of 6 million people to approximately 3 million. This decline has been partially offset by the addition of other channels like MSNBC, The Catholic Channel, and Fox News on Sirius, but significant losses still remain compared to before NFL Radio’s closure. For many sports fanatics, NFL Radio had come to be viewed as an indispensable part of their daily routine or weekend activities, providing commentary on games that was only available with a satellite subscription. Without its presence, fewer listeners have seen the value in having such comprehensive coverage as there is also access to regular radio broadcasts without having any additional costs associated with it. Despite this setback, Sirius remains optimistic and continues to introduce new content aimed at catering towards different demographics across the US. From language lessons and music appreciation galleries to chef tips and culinary insights – they are constantly refreshing their inventory while still maintaining their competitive edge within the streaming industry by offering exclusive deals tailored towards certain user groups such as students or senior citizens.

Loss of Advertising Revenue

The sudden termination of the NFL’s SiriusXM channel in 2020 is having a major impact on Sirius’ advertising revenue. The channel was home to an estimated 4-5 million monthly listeners, including avid NFL fans who also happened to be loyal Sirius subscribers. The end of the channel means that SiriusXM has to account for millions of lost subscribers as well as a loss in advertising revenue associated with them. According to analysts at Seeking Alpha, this equates to about $4 million per month for SiriusXM, or approximately $5 billion over the entirety of the 2021 season. Beyond lost revenue, analysts estimate that these losses will also affect their stock performance – causing shares to fall up to 3 percent if an agreement is not reached between the two companies in time. Though this is an unfortunate outcome for investors and listeners alike, it is important to remember that with the renegotiation of new contracts, both parties can potentially benefit from improved collaborations and incentives going forward. A successful outcome will ensure that SiriusXM can continue providing sports entertainment news and obtain new subscribers who are interested in listening to content related to their favorite teams across all sports platforms.



In conclusion, NFL Radio has had a long-lasting and positive impact on SiriusXM satellite radio. The station offered fans the chance to listen to in-depth analysis and discussion of the NFL throughout the season, while also providing access to game broadcasts. Furthermore, SiriusXM also provided viewers with access to NFL Network programming, which otherwise would have been difficult to access. Despite the sports radio station being discontinued in 2017, NFL Radio’s influence can still be felt on SiriusXM.

Future of NFL Radio on Sirius

The future of NFL Radio on Sirius looks very promising in terms of fan engagement and popularity. The ability for Sirius to continually offer content from professional teams across the league provides fans with access to a wide range of content and news that was previously unavailable through traditional broadcast methods. With more teams participating in Sirius satellite radio, the diversity of programming options increases, giving the fans even more access to watch games, listen to interviews and follow team news. Additionally, with NFL Network available on Sirius, fans have further assurance that they can get their fix of football coverage 24/7. As technology continues to evolve, so do fan expectations; such as live streaming video on demand to mobile devices or exclusive access to conferences and events with NFL experts. As long as Sirius continues providing its subscribers with quality sports programming, it will continue to remain a popular option among fans who choose to stay ahead of the curve in their sports viewing experience.

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