Each year, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game brings together the best of the best in the game of baseball to compete against each other. Each team is vying to be the ultimate winner, with the biggest prize at stake – the championship crown.

So what does the winner of the MLB All-Star Game receive? Let’s take a closer look at the details.

What Does The Winner of The MLB All Star Get

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game, also known as the “Midsummer Classic”, is an annual exhibition game played between the two top players from the National and American Leagues. Every year, the All-Star Game is held in a different MLB ballpark and is usually broadcast by television networks across the United States. It has been one of the most watched and anticipated events since it first began in 1933. Over the years, there have been many changes to both of these teams to add new players or even give them different names such as “National League All-Stars” or “American League All-Stars”, depending on which league has won more games over any given season. However, despite these changes, one thing that remains constant is that whichever team wins each year’s All-Star Game will receive a reward for their victory. This reward can vary within certain limits according to certain criteria established by Major League Baseball itself. The rewards for winning have included tiered compensation in regards to equipment (bats, gloves etc.), cash bonuses for each roster spot on the team (up to $25K USD), benefit packages such as vacations and entertainment cards, merchandise and tickets to upcoming games. In addition to this direct compensation, Major League Baseball also offers an increased chance of making it into post season play for the winning team’s league with higher numbers of playoff berths allotted after a win in comparison with a loss at this game. As you can see, winning at this game can really make an impact on your favorite team’s chance of making playoffs!

Prize For Winning The All-Star Game

The annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game is one of the most anticipated events on the sporting calendar. It is a showcase of the very best players in the sport and the victors reap certain rewards for their efforts. But, what does the winning team of the MLB All-Star Game receive? Let’s explore the various prizes that the winners can enjoy.

Cash Prize

Players on the winning team of the MLB All-Star Game are given a cash prize of $20,000 each. This money is in addition to any money they may receive from the game and is meant to reward them for their victory. Players on the losing side do not receive a cash prize. The winning team’s manager also receives an extra bonus for their leadership, as do each All-Star coach. The MLB uses this award system to reward players who display exceptional talent during the All-Star Game, as well as recognize coaches and managers for their commitment and dedication to baseball. As such, it is a great way to show appreciation for those who put in hard work all year round while helping add excitement to an already thrilling event.

MVP Award

The title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) is awarded to the player who made the most significant impact on the winning All-Star team. This honor comes with an MVP Award, as well as an additional prize of a luxury automobile. The 2017 All-Star Game MVP was Miami Marlins outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton. Eugene Vadala of Chevrolet presented him with a 2018 Camaro, in addition to other awards and recognition from Major League Baseball. The value of the MVP Award is determined by Major League Baseball and may be accompanied by benefits such as a donation to a charity of the player’s choice or tickets for players’ family members to attend games. In addition, MLB also awards monetary prizes in direct proportion to how far teams advance in the postseason. The champion team in each league will receive $460,000, while second place and third place teams will receive smaller monetary prizes.

World Series Home Field Advantage

In 2003, Major League Baseball (MLB) changed one of the All-Star Game’s prizes to give the winning league home-field advantage in the World Series. Since then, the team that wins the MLB All-Star Game has had a vast advantage when competing in seven games of October’s classic. Since its inaugural season in 1903, only 10 World Series have been won by teams that did not have home field advantage: 1904 (Boston), 1907 (Chicago), 1913 (Philadelphia), 1919 (Cincinnati Reds), 1947 (Brooklyn Dodgers), 1955 (Brooklyn Dodgers)), 1969 New York Mets, 1972 Oakland A’s, 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers and 1991 Minnesota Twins).

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The award for having home field advantage during a seven game series gives teams an approximately 65% win probability. However, it is up to the team to take full advantage of this privilege; in 2018, the Boston Red Sox were able to capitalize on their four home games during World Series play and won their fourth championship since 2004. Home field advantage not only benefits from having an additional home date but also psychologically impacts both teams and fans as they prepare for a potential series win or loss.

Other Benefits for Winning the All-Star Game

The winner of the MLB All-Star Game not only receives bragging rights, they also receive other rewards. The players on the winning team get a cash prize as well as other bonuses like luxury suites at MLB Games and a special All-Star Game MVP trophy. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits the winners of the All-Star Game receive.

National Recognition

Winning the MLB All-Star Game offers more than bragging rights; it also brings National recognition to teams and players. The winning team and players of the All-Star Game receive recognition throughout the nation due to television, radio and newspaper coverage. For individual players, this recognition also serves as an avenue for increased endorsement opportunities as well as potential bonuses from their MLB club due to increased popularity. For teams, championship rings are awarded to each player and coaches who contributed to the victory during their respective All-Star games. Furthermore, for winning teams in consecutive years, additional honors may be bestowed upon the team such as mementos or championship trophies that are displayed at their respective ballpark.

Increased Fan Support

Apart from bragging rights and a financial bonus, winning the MLB All-Star Game also provides teams with increased fan support. When fans see their team do well in the All-Star Game, they tend to be more passionate about the rest of the season. This affects everything from attendance at games to merchandise sales and television viewership. The financial bonus received by teams for winning also helps them bring in more talented players, as well as increase their operating budgets for marketing and promotions. Moreover, resources may be shifted to improving infrastructure at team facilities which can further benefit fans and players alike. Increased fan morale is also an important part of the rewards associated with winning. This is especially true when it comes to rivalries between teams where a successful showing in the All-Star Game can motivate fans during regular season games against their hated rivals. Winning creates a sense of pride among fans that keeps them coming back year after year while giving losing teams extra incentive to try harder next time around.

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Increased Media Coverage

In addition to conferring a financial benefit to their respective league, winning the All-Star Game helps increase both local and national media attention for all players involved. Victory amplifies the exposure of star players to draw more crowds from all around, which helps increase ticket and merchandise sales. Further, major League Baseball enjoys an increase in publicity for games leading up to and immediately following All-Star Week. This is beneficial for MLB teams on both sides of the ball because it increases overall interest in the sport. For instance, the television coverage’s viewers may be compelled to check out other team’s games after seeing exciting All-Star match ups. Teams also enjoy increased profits from sponsored events that take place leading up to and during All-Star Week. From corporate sponsorships to new stadium naming rights deals, winning the All-Star Game has many long-term effects on a team’s bottom line – beyond simply claiming bragging rights over their respective opponents.


The MLB All-Star Game is an annual event which sees the best baseball players in both the National League and American League compete. The winner of the All-Star Game is awarded a pool of prize money, as well as home field advantage during the World Series for their league. Furthermore, the MVP of the All-Star Game receives a Tiffany & Co. designed award constructed from crystal and silver. The winner of each year’s All-Star Game will be remembered for eternity, giving them bragging rights over their peers and unparalleled recognition in the history books.

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