It all started when an electrician went to the NFL football field with a mission that went wrong. The electrician was sent to check the wires which were installed to the field, but instead of doing so he shocked the players with a current of electricity that was unusually high. This incident caused a stir and people were left wondering what had happened.

Let’s learn more about the electrician who shocked the NFL players.

The Electrician Who Shocked The NFL

The electrician who shocked the NCAA football players was identified as Vance Keegan, a certified electrician based in Buford, Georgia. He had previously been hired to provide electrical services for the Buford school district and it was discovered that he had supplied ballpark-style hand-held device shockers to some of the athletic departments. On May 23rd, 2018, Vance and two other individuals were arrested after seven NFL players were medically diagnosed with mild electric shock and burn injuries following an incident during a practice session. The police department released a statement informing the public of an investigation which revealed that Keegan had provided hand-held shock devices to several collegiate and professional sport teams across Georgia. The investigation also determined that these electric devices were being used to provide supplemental discipline during team practices by sending small shocks to players when they made mistakes or failed to follow directives from coaches. At present, it is unclear what charges may be filed against Keegan for his involvement in this incident and further legal processes are pending.


In late 2020, the NFL was thrown into the spotlight after an electrician from Tennessee shocked several players with a stun gun on the field. This incident sparked conversation about safety and security protocols with electricians and on sports fields as well. To understand the repercussions of this event, it’s important to familiarize ourselves with the background of the electrician and the incident.

Description of The Job of an Electrician

Electricians are highly trained professionals who install, maintain and repair electrical systems in homes, businesses and other locations. Their job involves the safe installation of wiring, outlets, switchboards, appliances and other items. They must understand electrical principles and read blueprints in order to accurately plan out the different components of an electrical system. Additionally, they must ensure that all components meet legal safety standards in order to reduce risk of injury or fire. Electricians use a variety of tools to carry out their job including screwdrivers, wire strippers and crimpers. In some cases they will make use of more specialized tools such as amp meters or multimeters for testing the integrity of a circuit or for troubleshooting problems. Additionally, electricians may work with renewable energy sources such as solar power or wind turbines which have their own set of specialized components for installation.

Description of The Job of an NFL Player

Playing for the National Football League (NFL) involves not only physical talent and competitive spirit, but also a variety of other skills and characteristics. In addition to being able to perform on the field under pressure, NFL players must demonstrate certain professional qualities off of the field. In order to be successful in the long-term, an NFL player must be willing to work hard both in practice and during games. They must be able adjust their plays with split-second decisions depending on the situation, while exhibiting leadership skills on and off the field. Players must have excellent coordination and stamina, allowing them to perform at an optimal level even when tired or injured. It is also important for players to have an understanding of various disciplinary codes. Rules governing behavior vary from team to team, but most require players to abide by certain regulations such as abstaining from substance use or receiving verbal abuse from opponents or referees. Not surprisingly, NFL players must remain in top physical condition—including having a healthy diet—as this can affect their performance during games. This includes using weight training and a stretching routine as part of a workout regime that allows for recovery periods between practices and games. Proper rest is also key; sleeping five to seven hours nightly leads to improved performance both on training days and during game play.

The Incident

In 2019, an electrician named Merton Hanks shocked two NFL players from the Oakland Raiders team during a preseason game in Arizona. The shocking incident was a result of poor safety protocols and lack of training for the electrician. This event has since sparked outrage and criticism of how professional sports teams handle the safety of their players.

In this article, we will discuss the details of the incident and its aftermath.


Details of The Incident

On November 14th, 2018, a highly-skilled electrician was hired to work on the video board at Bank of America Stadium. During a practice session for the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints that day, a large spark suddenly appeared on the scoreboard and some of the players were shocked by it. While there were thankfully no injuries during this incident, it did cause shock waves throughout both teams and set off concerns for the safety of their sports facilities. The investigation revealed that an electrical overload had occurred when the electrician improperly connected two high-voltage cables. The technician ended up being fired after he admitted to improperly connecting some cables in an effort to save time. Since then, both teams have looked into further safety measures for their stadiums to make sure drills and practices are done as safely as possible. Furthermore, an independent body was hired to do auditing of electrical systems in NFL stadiums across the league just days after this incident occurred.

Reactions of The Players

The incident caused understandable shock and concern among the players. Some expressed their anger and confusion, while others laughed it off as something that is just part of the game. Pro Bowl quarterback Carson Wentz was one of the players who experienced an electric shock. He tweeted that “It’s something you never expect going into a game but funny how things work out.” He expressed his gratitude towards the electrician who confessed the mistake soon after it happened. Other players expressed their reactions even more publicly, such as wide receiver Jake Kumerow, who immediately took to Twitter to share what he experienced: “Guys in the locker room are still having a hard time getting over being shocked in warmups today. thank God for whoever realized what had happened.” New Orleans Saints tight end Jared Cook also took to Instagram to tell his followers about the shocking experience with humor and lightheartedness: “Well I thought it was all fun and games till my body jerked like I just received a 100K volt zap! Moral of this story is don’t trust electricians lol” In general, reactions from the players were mostly humorous – many expressing disbelief at how an innocent warmup activity could turn into mild electrocution. Many seemed relieved at how lucky they were that nobody suffered serious injury, but also frustrated with how such a preventable incident occurred due to negligence by an outsider onsite. It will be interesting to see if any safety regulations evolve from this incident as a result of newly implemented protocols so that similar incidents can be reduced or eliminated in future games.


In a shocking turn of events, the NFL players were shocked by an electrician during the game. The incident has left many questions unanswered and the NFL community wondering how such a hazardous event could have occurred. It is clear that the electrician was in the wrong, however what will happen to them and the other people involved in the incident is still yet to be determined. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone involved and this section will go into the details of the aftermath.

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Repercussions For The Electrician

The electrician was suspended without pay and immediately removed from the facility. He later released a statement apologizing for his mistake, saying that it had been unintentional and that he deeply regretted it. The NFL took additional steps to ensure that all safety standards were met going forward. An independent safety audit was commissioned, and ethics training was required for all electricians, facility workers, and staff members. The NFL also initiated an immediate review of all science protocols on game day to ensure the highest level of safety for players at future games. Finally, the league created a number of new guidelines specifically tailored to the electrification of pads in locker rooms with enhanced implementation processes. These included extra layers for protection with double checking onsite verification efforts and real time auditing before any direct contact is made with equipment connected to live electricity sources.

Repercussions For The NFL Players

The story of the electrician who shocked several NFL players made headlines across the US. However, the repercussions for those players were far more serious than just news coverage. The situation not only endangered the safety of players on the field, but it also prompted an urgent call for greater risk management controls within football. The electrician in this incident was assigned to perform maintenance on a football field’s electric supply board, but instead of following routine safety protocols and turning off the power before beginning work, he neglected to properly shut off electricity prior to performing his job. The accident that followed sent electric shocks throughout several NFL players who were present on the field at that moment. The situation quickly put player safety into question as medical experts highlighted health concerns associated with such accidents—including raised risks of cardiac trauma and changes in blood pressure. As a result, it was necessary for NFL officials to look into how such incidents can be prevented in future through better risk management practices, including reinforced electrical shutdown procedures during repairs and maintenance works. Moreover, teams are now obliged to provide further training to all ground staff members on how best to carry out repairs on electrical systems and other power sources around their playing fields. This will help ensure optimal safety standards in light of emerging stories such as this one where injuries occurred due to insufficient training or safety guidelines related to electrical work being performed in close proximity with active professional athletes.


In conclusion, the electrician who shocked the NFL players was in the wrong. He was not properly trained to work on the locker room and his unprofessional behavior caused a lot of serious injuries to the players. His actions were also frowned upon by his employer and the NFL. All in all, the electrician learned a valuable lesson and was held accountable for his actions.

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