Each year, hundreds of college football players enter the National Football League (NFL) as rookie draft picks. The demand for these athletes is high and can pave the way for a lucrative professional career in the NFL. Being a top pick comes with countless benefits that make life as an athlete both competitive and rewarding. In this guide, we will explore the great advantages of being a prime pick in the NFL. From increased contracts to fame and celebrity status, there is no limit to what an athlete can achieve after being picked in the opening days of an NFL draft. With improved access to better exposure, more privileges, and more attractive financial opportunities, athletes who are selected as early picks will have plenty of perks along their journey through professional football. Let’s dive into some of the key benefits that come along with being chosen as one of the first few picks during an NFL draft.

What is a Prime Pick NFL

A Prime Pick in the NFL is the selection of players during the NFL draft who are considered to be the best of the best. Being a Prime Pick gives a player a certain leverage and recognition, as well as a guaranteed salary.

Let’s explore the benefits of being a Prime Pick in the NFL.


The National Football League (NFL) has a system of drafting players in order to select the best talent for each team. Every year, 32 teams are given a chance to pick the most talented players for their respective teams, in the order of their finishing position from the previous season. This system is known as ‘the draft’ and is a series of rounds in which each team is given their turn to pick players.

A prime pick is defined as an early selection in the draft for a particular NFL team which allows them access to some of the top talents available in that year’s player pool. Teams with high picks will have more chances to acquire some of the best players available and while there is no guarantee they’ll get it right, they will be able to select from a pool of talented athletes who could potentially make an immediate impact on the franchise’s success. Prime picks usually come with extra financial benefits, too. Along with starting salaries being higher than those offered to those drafted lower down, bonuses are also typically allotted according to how high up in the draft a particular player selected by a team was picked, regardless of their current contract status or performance history. As such, teams can benefit financially from having prime picks and gain access to superior players who are set up for potentially successful careers before taking one single snap on the NFL’s football field.


Being a prime pick in the NFL offers players many advantages and benefits. As a prime pick, you are likely to be drafted higher and receive higher salaries due to your importance to the team. Your chances of starting are also greater, since teams frequently make sure that the prime pick starts on Sundays. Additionally, depending on the team, it is possible to get assistance with finding housing accommodations in your new city and a mentor who can help guide you through life in the league. You will also have access to a larger bonus-structured contract than most other players, giving you more financial security over time. The highest picks in each draft tend to enjoy these perks to an even greater degree — exclusive invitations to private events, uniformed endorsements for products and services such as clothing lines or fitness clubs, and unique access that only top recruits can get have all been known perks for the most coveted prospects. All these advantages mean that being a prime pick sets NFL players up for success during their entire career in professional football!


Financial Benefits

Being a “prime pick” in the NFL can bring several financial benefits, including a large signing bonus and a contract with guaranteed money. When an NFL team selects a player in the first round of the draft, they take on the risk of having to pay the player more than they would a typical free agent. However, there are also financial benefits that come with being chosen as a prime draft pick.

In this article, we will explore the financial benefits associated with being a prime pick in the NFL.

Signing Bonus

One of the primary financial benefits of being a prime pick in the NFL is the signing bonus associated with each pick. The signing bonus is an incentive to entice players to accept a contract and consider selecting a particular team. For example, for the No. 1 overall pick in 2019, Kyler Murray, his signing bonus was reported to be $24 million dollars. The signing bonuses are fully guaranteed and are paid shortly after the selection has utilized his rights and signed his first contract. The bonuses often trigger escalations in the salary cap to accommodate future payments which may include millions of dollars within only a few years of playing time in their career contracted under their initial selections in the draft. As such, signing bonuses are very important components when considering NFL player contracts. The amount received depends upon where they were drafted by as well as their respective agent’s negotiation skills. The amounts increase exponentially related to each position selected and this largely cross-correlates with estimations of overall talent specific to each individual pick and helps reinforce why teams value certain players over others during any given year.

Guaranteed Money

Being a prime pick in the NFL brings with it a financial windfall. These players are usually guaranteed large sums of money through their contracts, even if they don’t make the team or fail to play up to expectations. They can also receive additional incentives such as performance bonuses, and endorsement deals that are not available to lower picks in the draft. These guarantees don’t always come in one lump sum payment. The league’s collective bargaining agreement sets up different types of payments for top draft picks, ranging from signing bonuses to base salary and roster bonuses. Players may also sign performance-based incentives, which reward them for reaching certain goals such as making All Pro teams or leading the league in certain stats. Being one of the higher draft picks also opens doors for endorsements from major companies. Players who outperform their peers often have an easier time securing sponsorship deals and feature placement on advertisements or video games because companies want to get their brand associated with winners. Endorsement deals can be lucrative opportunities for players, sometimes worth millions of dollars over a few years’ time. It pays to be one of the first names to come off of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s lips during Draft day!

Salary Cap Increase

Salary caps for NFL teams have increased steadily since it was implemented in 1994, and it is one of the primary factors behind the rapid growth of player salaries. Being selected as a first round draft pick by an NFL team gives you instant recognition as one of the star players on the team. That comes with an automatic pay raise, since top picks typically get paid more than other players on their teams. The higher salary also results in greater earning potential due to future contracts, which are usually addressed at the end of a player’s first contract. Many prime picks benefit from signing bonuses that they receive when they sign their first contracts with their teams. The signing bonus is basically a lump-sum payment made to a new player, and it helps prepare them for greater financial flexibility in the future. Signing bonuses also influence how much players can earn each year due to contractual stipulations that may limit or increase their salaries based on performance during each season.

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Top picks being taken by NFL teams offer more than just money: they provide stability beyond the traditional retirement years that most professional athletes experience early in life (due to physical injuries and other factors). Players selected as tax-exempt second round or third round pick could not always rely upon significant income later in their career, but first-rounders are likely to land large contracts beyond just startup money. This makes them valuable long-term assets for any organization taking into consideration both sports performance and overall income stability over time.

Career Benefits

Being a prime pick in the NFL is something to strive for. It can career benefits that can provide young football players with stability, money, and recognition within the sport. Additionally, a prime pick can also help them open up new doors into opportunities like endorsements and even a longer career.

Let’s take a look at some of the main career benefits of being a prime pick in the NFL.

Increased Media Exposure

Being drafted in the NFL by a team can add years of fame and notoriety to a player’s career. Since many teams have millions of passionate fans, selected players gain immediate recognition and media coverage. The increased awareness brings with it numerous opportunities for commercial deals, endorsement contracts, and increased visibility on social media platforms. Players may also be featured regularly in national advertising campaigns or might appear on television sports talk shows or magazine covers. Gaining national exposure can add to an athlete’s personal brand which often includes lucrative business opportunities beyond their NFL career. Another benefit of being a prime pick is invitation to exclusive events and gatherings including athletic events or award ceremonies for high achievers in their sport. Furthermore, the attention itself is a tremendous motivation for the new-comers to push themselves harder so that they can truly prove themselves worthy of such significant acknowledgment from official scouts.

Access to Better Coaching

Coaches have the most direct influence on a player’s success, and when you rise in the ranks of an NFL organization, better coaching opportunities become available. Being a prime pick means having access to experienced and respected coaches who can offer invaluable guidance on how best to take your performance to the next level. Better coaches can not only help you improve your skills, but also provide valuable insight into the lifestyle aspects associated with becoming a successful professional athlete. Their knowledge and experience can be invariably beneficial in helping athletes adjust to their new career paths. Beyond individual instruction, better coaches can also provide an important mentor relationship for elite players. Emotional support is an imperative part of personal growth and being able to turn to someone who understands what it takes both on and off the field becomes invaluable in this new environment. Having access to mentors means being able to discuss career concerns, family pressures, mental health goals and other personal issues with someone who isn’t pushing you or judging you – they are just encouraging positive decision making and offering ways for growth outside of football .

Opportunity to Play in Bigger Games

Playing in the National Football League (NFL) is a dream for many football players. As a prime pick in the NFL draft, you will have the opportunity to play in some of the biggest games across the nation. Those picked at an early stage generally have more chances to start and be on the field during important matches, such as playoffs or championship games. In addition to playing in high-profile games, early picks also receive greater exposure and recognition from both fans and scouts. This increases your chances of becoming a successful player on any team and opens doors for you when it comes to endorsements or other opportunities in pro football. Not only that, but being picked as an early pick also boosts your income potential. The average salary of an NFL player was approximately $2 million per year for 2018-19 season according to Spotrac’s statistics of NFL contracts info database; however, higher paid picks typically command larger salaries than those coming later in drafts. When you become one of the top picks during your rookie contract year, you often receive a salary significantly higher than what you would normally expect for someone with your experience level; this benefit alone can set up any player for life after football with proper financial planning and investments.


In conclusion, being a prime pick in the NFL provides multiple advantages that extend far beyond just financial rewards. From the ability to reach greater heights of success and visibility, to being able to leverage immediate fame and notoriety into lucrative endorsement deals, successful athletes at all levels can benefit from becoming an early round draft pick. Indeed, with the numerous benefits that come along with early NFL draft selection today’s picks are even more valuable than ever before.

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