Overview of Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a popular RSS reader used to follow blogs, topics, and other resources. It offers advanced organization options and easily allows users to track upcoming posts, receive new updates and engage with the accounts they are following. Known for its clean interface and compatibility across devices, readers can gain access to their account conveniently through a mobile app or web version. The basic version of Bloglovin is free of charge however they do offer an upgraded paid plan that comes with more features such as more posts in the feed, bulk editing capabilities, analytics tools and several other options.

Bloglovin can also be used to promote user content as readers can share their insights from the blog posts they read and like with others in the blogging community providing opportunities for increased engagement and visibility. Other key features include saved posts for later viewing, many collaboration options like messaging integrated into the platform, an activity feed that displays recent activities by followed bloggers as well as guest post opportunities where you can host your own blog elsewhere but still share it on Bloglovin at no charge.

Overview of Feedly

Feedly offers an RSS reader that can be accessed via a website, a mobile app, or the Feedly desktop app. The advantage of Feedly over other readers is its versatility—you’re not limited to one format for displaying your feed content. Instead, you can customize how you view your feeds on the web by choosing from one of its several attractive themes.

In addition to pulling in bits from various social media sites, Feedly also offers a number of premium features like advanced search, publisher partnerships and personalized feeds. For example, if you’re interested in keeping track of news sources just about a particular topic (like tech or politics), the service will suggest sources for you based on your interests and preferences.

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Additionally, its “Discover” function acts like an RSS-powered Google News with an easy-to-navigate interface and personalizable search parameters. With excellent personalization options and strong curation capabilities, Feedly presents itself as an excellent reader that can suit any need.

Comparison of Features

Choosing the right RSS reader for your business or personal needs is not easy. There are many good RSS readers available, and it can be difficult to decide which one suits you best. In this article we will compare two of the most popular RSS readers – Bloglovin and Feedly – in terms of their features, user experience, and cost.

Bloglovin: Bloglovin allows users to easily and quickly follow blogs in an organized way. It has a user friendly interface that allows you to create a personalized feed, customize it with categories and tags, receive expert recommendations based on what you like to read, access exclusive content by connecting with accounts on social networks (such as Tumblr), back up your content with the free Pro version, follow friends’ or companies’ blog posts in real time, share posts via email or social networks, add widgets to blog posts for increased visibility and discover new blogs with its recommended list.

Feedly: Feedly is also an online newsreader that offers great functions for organizing blog feeds. Its drag-and-drop system makes it easy to organize feeds into topics or categories. You can access your feeds from any device—mobile device or desktop computer—by logging into your account. It enables users to build personalized experiences faster through several options including keyword filtering. It integrates seamlessly with Google Reader so if you’re familiar with using Google Reader then switching over to Feedly won’t be much of a stretch at all! Feedly also allows users to save articles for later reading as well as add comments and annotations while saving articles directly in their respective platform also provides tools like web notifications when new content appear so everything related to research is within your fingertips!

Pros and Cons of Bloglovin

Bloglovin is an RSS reader that allows its users to easily follow their favorite websites. It offers features such as being able to schedule when your updates will be sent, organizing content in categories and subscribing to multiple feeds at once. As a result, you can get a more customized view of the content you want while saving time.

However, like any other product, Bloglovin comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here are some of the pros:

  • Easy setup: Bloglovin allows users to quickly create an account and start following their favorite websites.
  • Multiple updating options: With Bloglovin you can choose how often you’d like to receive updates from the websites you follow, either once a day or as soon as new content is posted.
  • Get recommendations: Along with being able to find the websites you already have subscribed to directly through their home page, Bloglovin provides personalized recommendations for those who may be interested in discovering new sites to read about or just browse through topics that others have found interesting.

On the other hand, there are also a few cons associated with using Bloglovin. Some of these include:

  • Lack of features: While it does offer some customization tools such as scheduling updates and categories for organizing information, it lacks other features such as being able to view individual articles within your feed quickly or having access to third-party apps that could allow for better organization and sharing options outside of their platform.
  • Advertisements: In order to limit flashing ads on the site pages themselves — something many people find intrusive — they’ve introduced more intrusive post-click ads instead which appear after users click into an article they wish to read. This can be really annoying and distracting while trying to get through all your subscriptions.

Pros and Cons of Feedly

Feedly is a popular RSS reader that enables users to create personal feeds with content from their favorite websites and blogs. Here are some of the pros and cons of Feedly.

Pros: -Simple, user-friendly design: Feedly packs many helpful features in a minimalist interface that makes getting information enjoyable. -Organization features: Feedly allows users to organize the content they subscribe to into folders and tags, making finding information easier. -Powerful search options: Feedly helps users quickly find relevant content using keywords or phrases. -Lightning fast updates: Feedly constantly scans for new content, helping keep its user base up-to-date with their favorite online sources.

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Cons: -RSS limitations: The RSS format depends on how each website sets up its feed, so not all sites are necessarily compatible with the service. -Mobile compatibility: While there is an app available for iOS and Android devices, performance can be slow and unreliable on some devices. -Tech savvy needed: In order to get the most value from this service, users should have an understanding of HTML coding or at least adjust their RSS settings manually when necessary.


In conclusion, Bloglovin and Feedly are both excellent RSS readers, each with their own advantages. It all comes down to personal choice and understanding of the features available in each. Bloglovin offers an intuitive user interface as well as cross platform syncing, allowing you to easily manage your blogs when switching between devices. For those focusing on organization and customization, Feedly is an ideal choice with tools such as labels, collections, and shortcuts. Whichever you choose, they will both provide a comprehensive way of consuming news from a variety of sources in one convenient place.


Both Bloglovin and Feedly provide important resources for improving your experience as an RSS reader. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different tools available and consider how they would work best for your individual needs. Below, you can find helpful resources that both services offer.

Bloglovin Resources: Materials such as tutorials, guides and other educational materials are available to help users learn how to use the app efficiently. Additionally, there is a blog-creation service that allows users to set up their own professional-looking sites within minutes.

Feedly Resources: Feedly helps make finding new content easier by offering curated collections of trusted sources on a wide range of topics. The Aggregator feature also allows users access feeds from multiple blogs in one streamlined view, making it easier to keep track of related content across channels. Additionally, there is an online boardgame called Feedparking that helps users practice their skills at organizing information into collections and keeping up with the news in their field of interest.

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