How to Add an Article to Flipboard

Adding articles to Flipboard is an effective way to boost readership and increase exposure of your content. By adding news, blogs, podcasts, videos and magazines to the platform, you’ll be able to spread your message and make sure it reaches a wider audience.

The features Flipboard utilizes also makes it easier for people to curate collections of content for their own customized platforms. As such, adding an article means that there’s a higher probability that it will be featured in someone’s preferred collection for others to see and interact with.

This increased visibility is the most prominent benefit of adding articles to Flipboard: it increases organic reach as your work is seen by a multitude of users who would never have seen it otherwise. Additionally, if written correctly, your article can generate conversations through Flipboard’s comments section as well as other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Such conversations help foster relationships between you and your readers while providing opportunities for more meaningful engagement on both topics related in the article at hand and information specific to you or the organization you are representing. Engagement with readers can also lead to better reviews on Google as well as exposure on other platforms as most Flipboard collections are shareable via social media or embedded into websites or emails.

Finally, making sure that people don’t miss out on what you post creates loyalty which will motivate them even further when looking at information provided by different other sources. Through creating this strong connection between readers and writers/publishers, Flipboard has created a highly beneficial platform on which anybody can make their mark online – one article at a time.

How to Add an Article to Flipboard

Flipboard is a popular digital magazine app that allows you to explore and read articles from a variety of sources. To get started, you can explore from the top stories featured on the home page, or search for specific topics that interest you. Adding an article to Flipboard is an easy way to access and share content with your friends and contacts.

Here are the steps for adding an article to your Flipboard account:

1) Open your Flipboard application on your device.

2) Locate the article you wish to add. If it is on a web page, tap the “Share” button at the bottom of your screen. This will bring up all available share options for connecting with other Flipboard users.

3) Tap “Add to Flipboard” – this will open an editing window where you can customize how it will appear within your account when you save it. You can also modify or assign a category or tag so that other users may find it easily in searches or on their own “My Flipboard” page when they follow or subscribe to those tags or categories.

4) Tap “Save” when finished – once saved, the article will be available in its respective category/tag under “My Flipboard” in the top main menu bar whenever someone wants to access it again. Additionally, by clicking into any of these categories/tags under MyFlipboards menu item, all saved articles within that group will be available for quick browsing and easy reference whenever needed.

Tips for Optimizing Your Article on Flipboard

Flipboard is an incredibly effective way to share your content with a wide audience. Whether you’re writing blog posts, articles, or infographics, it’s important to optimize your content for Flipboard. Here are a few tips to make sure your article gets seen:

1. Write a catchy headline: Your headline should be short and descriptive, but not too long—Flipboard will crop it after 25 characters.

2. Use quality images: Images give your article a more professional look and help draw attention to your content. Make sure the images are high-quality and optimized for Flipboard’s size regulations (1450×1450 pixels).

3 Magazine layout: When formatting the body of your article, be sure to follow Flipboard’s guidelines on magazine layout—which includes using subtitles, text blocks, quotes and other features that create an easy-to-read design.

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4. If you want readers to stay engaged with your post longer include audio or video elements that can enrich the overall experience of each user browsing through the post on Flipboard.

5. Include interactive elements when possible complimenting key points in the post like polls or quizzes that can help keep readers immersed in the post for longer periods of time.

6. Use hashtags effectively by choosing ones related both specifically to the topic of your magazine as well as related topics you’d like to explore in future posts enter as much information about it as possible on Flipboard will help get you better placement and higher visibility within Flipboards search algorithm.

Leveraging the Flipboard Community

Flipboard offers a great opportunity to share your content with millions of readers and tap into the user community. Through its Flipboard Magazines, users can aggregate stories, images and videos to create custom magazines. With this added exposure and visibility, a person’s articles have the potential to go viral in a very short amount of time.

In order to optimize their content on Flipboard, it is important for people to understand how the system works before diving in head first. The Flipboard team has included helpful resources that anyone looking to boost their reach should familiarize themselves with. These are some tips for leveraging the Flipboard community effectively:

• Utilize social media – Not only can adding social buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ help boost visibility of content on other platforms, but also natively-integrated social sharing on Flipboard is becoming increasingly popular among users.

• Optimize headlines – An eye-catching headline should act more like an ad than a newspaper article headline so that it stands out in a crowded environment. It should make a bold statement that captures readers’ attention.

• Engage with followers – Connecting with people who comment on or share your stories is an important tool in building relationships within the community and creating sustained interest over time. You should also consider “liking” posts or articles written by other members; this small gesture can go far in establishing digital relationships among top influencers or networks on Flipboard.

• Participate in open conversations – Anytime there is news or topics happening inside or outside of your industry take advantage of it as an opportunity to be involved through blogging your opinions or joining Twitter chat discussions using relevant hashtags.

Analyzing the Performance of Your Article

Once you’ve added an article to Flipboard, it’s important to take the time to analyze how it is performing. This can be done by accessing the analytics page from within your Flipboard account. Here, you will be able to view various statistics, such as how much of your article was viewed and how long people stayed on the page. You can also learn where the majority of your readers are located and which social networks they used to access your article. All this information can help you determine if there are any areas that need improvement in order for your content to be successful.

Additionally, usage metrics will provide insight into who is engaging with your content and what type of reaction they have towards it. For further analysis, you may also want to consider connecting an analytics platform like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics in order to track visitor activity more in depth over a period of time. With this data, you will gain valuable insights into which aspects of your article performs best so you can replicate those results for future articles.

Integrating Flipboard with Other Platforms

Integrating Flipboard with other platforms is easy and can be very beneficial. This can be done through different services such as RSS feeds, Twitter and other social networks, or even through manual curation. Whatever method you use, integrating Flipboard with other platforms is an excellent way to reach a larger audience and connect with even more people.

One of the easiest ways to integrate Flipboard is through RSS feeds. If you have a blog or website, integrating it with Flipboard allows your content to be easily found and shared by users of the app. All you have to do is submit your custom RSS feed URL – also known as an Atom feed – to the platform directly from the settings page on your site.

To ensure all new content appears in Flipboard, you must provide each item within their platform that does not have a reference link from another source; this ensures readers can easily access any articles they may have missed since their last visit on the app. Additionally, if a follower already has items saved in their magazine before it appears in Flipboard, they will receive alerts letting them know they’ve added something new without them having to manually refresh their list of sources every time something new appears online.

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Another way to integrate Flipboard is by using Twitter or other social networks like Facebook or Reddit as sources for content in your magazines. This allows users to access information quickly without having to search for it elsewhere online or manually curate it themselves. Finally, if you want complete control over which pieces make it into your magazine, you can manually curate content from any source—but this requires a bit more work than simply providing a URL link from either an RSS feed or social network account.


Once you have added a link to your magazine, it’s important to think carefully about how and where you share it. Consider incorporating a call-to-action in your post, or considering using Flipboard Ads to target and share your content with a larger audience.

It is also beneficial to be consistent with curation and posting, as this helps readers feel engaged in your magazine and supports continuous growth. Finally, don’t forget to customize the appearance of your magazine by adding an avatar, header image, background photo and tags that accurately represent the content that you are sharing.

By carefully curating articles within your Flipboard magazines, you can add more value to your work and boost engagement with a larger audience. Remember these tips when selecting articles for inclusion: keep new stories relevant; not every story has to be sensational; focus on topics that are timely; aim for fascinating visuals; watch for credible sources; don’t plagiarize or copyright infringe; maintain accurate citations or attributions when needed; promote content from diverse sources. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you curate effective magazines that audiences enjoy reading and returning to time again!

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