announced Tuesday that it has closed a $40M Series B funding round. This is a significant milestone for the company and will propel its mission to build the first marketing operating system.

With this new capital, the company plans to accelerate customer acquisition, expand its team, and invest in the product.

Overview of is an automated platform that simplifies marketing operations for small businesses and enterprise companies. Founded in 2016, its mission is to help marketers automate their marketing operations by making them faster, easier, and smarter. It leverages advanced AI technologies to automate major components of the marketing stack and improve the accuracy of marketing insights.

The company’s fundraising will help it build a comprehensive platform that eliminates tedious task management and gives marketers control over their data-driven campaigns. This will be accomplished through practical developments in analytics capabilities, automation orchestration, performance optimization, attribution systems, and machine learning algorithms — all working together to form a powerful Marketing Operating System (MOS).

As an end-to-end solution provider, the MOS will offer unified data sources across channels while providing insights into customer behaviour. It will provide marketers with actionable insights into customer journeys to make targeted decisions that optimise results. It can also be used as a platform for creating self-serve capabilities with minimal manual labour involved.’s ambitious development roadmap allows for seamless execution of real-time campaigns across channels with no hassle or overhead through its advanced integration capabilities. 40m series next47 ventureswiggersventurebeat Raises $40M in Series B Funding To Create the First Marketing Operating System has recently raised $40M in Series B Funding to create the world’s first marketing operating system. This new funding round is the largest for the company since its inception in 2014.

This capital will further develop the software and ensure its continuous growth. The funds will help bolster’s current capabilities and allow it to quickly expand its reach. Further, the investment will fuel the company’s goal of building the first unified marketing operating system.

Overview of the Series B Funding

Series B funding is a second round of financing for a startup, typically for a larger sum than the first round (Series A Funding). Series B fundraising helps to facilitate growth, expansion, and ultimately the long-term sustainability of the startup. Startup terminology represents more advanced stages when venture capitalists are more comfortable investing funds at higher valuations.

When seeking Series B funding, startups must show investors they have a working business model supported by strong customer acquisition models and momentum behind their product/service. Potential investors will also look closely at the team behind the venture – teams with relevant experience in their particular industry often have better chances of securing larger investments. is raising funds in pursuit of their goal to create the first marketing operating system (MOPS). Building off its success from their Series A fundraising efforts, Metadata’s hardware-based solution promises to give large enterprises stronger visibility into how their customers interact with their services across multiple channels and devices. Additionally, the capital obtained from this round of funding will help Metadata accelerate product development collaborations with companies such as IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure as well as market dominance within its current global footprint, including offices in San Francisco, London, and Berlin Singapore.

Investors Involved in the Series B Funding, a leading attribution and automation platform for online marketers, recently announced a successful Series B funding round which saw participation from 8 investors, including Impact Business Angels, Capnamic Ventures e.V., Tek Neek Ventures, Atlantic Bridge Capital and Magnetar Financial. With the raised funds of $6 million, will be able to further expand the development of the first marketing operating system, giving marketers a unified view on campaigns and investments with one click.

Besides these existing investors, new investors included Nima Capital Ltd., Kaspi Investments Ltd., Topl Strategies LLC and Richard Blech & friends (RBF Investing). The new investors will join’s current team to support its mission. They bring a wide range of experience in the marketing sector and deep digital and financial knowledge that will help Metadata evolve into one of the leading innovators in marketing software solutions.

Overall Series B funding round marks an important milestone for Metadata’s next growth stage to become an industry leader in marketing software solutions with their first ever marketing operating system that simplifies online advertising for retailers worldwide. The additional funds raised allow them to accelerate product development efforts on this front and move closer towards making it available in the marketplace, with its launch planned sometime later this year. series resolute ventureswiggersventurebeat’s Plans for the Future has recently raised $40 million in a series B funding round. This brings the total funding to $75 million and will be used to develop the first marketing operating system.

This system will enable marketers to simplify and automate multiple strategies and processes across channels, resulting in improved and more efficient performance. plans to continue developing this system and elevate the marketing space.

Overview of’s Plans for the Future is set on a mission to build the first marketing operating system to empower marketers, executives and entrepreneurs to manage their data-driven marketing initiatives in one platform. Having just raised $15 million in series A funding, has ambitious plans for its future.

A key part of this roadmap is bringing together the essential marketing data sources currently siloed — such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email lists and CRM records — all into the same system. This will create a single view of marketing data across all channels and tools, meaning that strategic decisions can be made faster and more accurately. In addition, by unifying all this disparate data into a single platform, marketers can gain insights about customer relationships and previously unavailable journeys.

In addition to creating a unified view of all customer data, also plans to provide personalised campaign recommendations based on customer data held in the platform – this means brands can segment their customers with pinpoint accuracy and ensure they are approached with relevant messages based on current behaviours. also hopes to provide automated reporting capabilities out-of-the-box so businesses can spend less time interpreting performance information from campaigns and more time leveraging insights from customer behaviour on their marketing initiatives – this would give them unprecedented time efficiency in setting up campaigns for maximum impact and delivering tangible results for clients quickly and cost effectively.

The next phase of Metadata’s roadmap will be focused around making it easier to work collaborativly across teams with real-time collaboration tools allowing different team members busy working across multiple campaigns quickly respond changes so they don’t fall behind on their deadlines or limit opportunities during unforeseen circumstances nor miss out any potential leads due as a result of them not being able to efficiently collaborate together at appropriate timescales given busy schedules both internally within their firms or externally within external partners they run collaborative digital campaigns while closely maintaining the standards set by many deliverable contracts these firms have signed up for associated with these digital campaigns in order meet clients’ needs whilst closely reflecting what international rules respective fields dictate when it comes down running digital performance operations & commercials related affairs as well as leverage innovative technologies available today like machine learning & AI powered systems delivering meaningful measurable intelligence gathered from monitored programs continuously & presenting actionable insights within reporting platforms making it easier than ever before analyse competitive landscapes without needing lots manual labour consuming hours entailing tedious tasks giving big reduction time spent ensuring metrics are tracked effectively reducing risk wastage budgetary contingencies organisations usually face when running large scale sophisticated vibrant interactive digital campaigns crucially winning much needed value delivered E2E from start till finish truly bolstering positive user experiences resulting brand loyalty lifetime value customers representing core aim remit designed help achieve successful businesses run theirs day day operations something becoming increasingly needful today where users more discerning than ever expecting high quality service standardised extremely wide ranging prices once Though outrageous now deemed necessary competition fiercer marketplace fighting exists these challenging times businesses against clock need help derive much needed value make bottom line shrink was possible before due accurate reliable super fast efficient delivery methods last gap those businesses seeking break mould make watch stand out a lot better off street league. 40m series resolute ventureswiggersventurebeat

Benefits of the Marketing Operating System

Introducing a marketing operating system would revolutionise marketing, allowing marketers to be more effective and efficient.’s plans for the future include leveraging its unique technology to develop and implement this augmented, automated platform, which will offer several benefits, among them:

1. Visibility into all teams’ activities. The Marketing Operating System will compile all relevant data from different departments including sales, customer service and web analytics into one comprehensive dashboard with real-time updates. This will provide an overview of past and current activities necessary for strategizing campaigns, measuring progress over time and making evidence-based decisions on where to focus resources next.

2. Rapid workflow optimization by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can identify problems in processes and suggest solutions automatically based on historical contextual data and situational understanding of customer needs in the current context. This ensures that any new campaigns launched are agile enough to adapt quickly to changing trends or unstated customer needs, saving time and improving ROI outcomes.

3. Increased scalability by using the automation capabilities provided by the Marketing Operating System which can allow businesses to reach new audiences faster than ever before and take advantage of untapped opportunities quickly with minimal effort on the part of marketers. With this newfound scalability, marketing teams will be able to test ideas faster while having confidence in their results due to increased visibility into operations at every stage.

4. Increased agility through greater integration between different departments such as product targets or sales pipelines which can result in improved decision-making with deeper understanding from insights drawn from integrated data sets across multiple departments or having access real-time feedback from customers without hiccups across different systems used for communication both internally within a business organisation or externally with partners or customers which provide even better accuracy for predictions made about future trends in marketing practices ensuring campaigns have higher potential for success each time they are launched! Finally this increased agility allows companies using Metadata’s OS platforms will have a competitive edge over those who still rely exclusively on traditional manual methods when it comes performance capacity limits & results monitoring functionality per team member activity metrics etc., giving ‘Team entities’ measurable validation benchmarks they need prove xyz objectives achieved effectively & efficiently while driving ROI Achievement*.

Impact of the Series B Funding recently raised $40M in Series B funding, which will help the company to create the first marketing operating system. This new marketing operating system will help marketers to build campaigns faster, more effectively and in an automated way.

This funding round will impact the company’s operations, product development and hiring. But, first, let’s look at the potential impact of this Series B fundraising.

Overview of the Impact of the Series B Funding

The Series B funding round for, a marketing cloud platform for automated customer acquisition, has been successful. This new influx of capital will allow the company to expand its offerings and develop the first ever “marketing operating system”.’s founder and CEO, Marc Kofler, believes that this new funding round offers an unprecedented opportunity to bring its vision of a unified marketing platform to life. By leveraging the power of machine learning to gather data from multiple sources, Metadata can now develop the first-ever unified “marketing operating system” capable of managing all customer acquisition operations in one place.

The Series B funds will also help Metadata build new products such as an automated cross-channel optimizer that can personalise real-time messages for customers. This capability allows marketers to create unique experiences tailored to each consumer while maximising conversions on any channel.

In addition to building powerful products, Metadata will use the Series B funding to fuel strategic acquisitions and organic R&D initiatives to innovate marketing technology and boost team productivity across all departments. This investment should enable the company to continue driving meaningful growth and unlock competitive advantages derived from its sophisticated offerings in web-based marketing technologies.

Potential Impact on the Industry’s recent successful Series B round of funding adds new capital for the company to develop a comprehensive marketing operating system designed to help marketers maximise their performance and uncover hidden marketing opportunities. This could potentially significantly impact the entire marketing and advertising industry by revolutionising how marketers can integrate different systems and data points to efficiently measure, analyse and optimise their campaigns over time.

Due to the complexity of the current landscape, it can be very challenging for marketers to aggregate all of their various data sources along with manual operations into one unified platform. Completing Metadata’s series B round allows them to invest resources to create such a product which could ultimately improve marketing operations across all industries, including retail, hospitality, travel and advertising agencies. As a result, companies would be in better positions when achieving personalization at scale while delivering improved results over time.

Additionally, this kind of software empowers marketers with precise insights into their campaigns performance. It allows them to better serve their customers in real-time based on whatever criteria makes most sense for the business needs. Eventually this could lead to an overall increase in return on investment which benefits both companies and customers alike due increasing sales from more intelligent approaches being utilised by marketing teams worldwide. With Metadata’s goal of transforming how brands utilise innovation when it comes to reaching desired audiences becoming reality this acquisition could be ground breaking for companies looking for effective solutions when it comes to finding success in today’s competitive marketplace!

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