Are you an avid fan of the ever-popular Dragon Ball franchise? The brand new game “Dragon Ball: The Breakers” is about to hit the market soon. You won’t want to miss the chance to play this thrilling adventure!

Join us as we explore the exciting gameplay and features of this innovative gaming experience.

Introduction to Dragon Ball The Breakers

Dragon Ball The Breakers is an upcoming fighting game spin-off based on the popular Dragon Ball franchise. It will be the first Dragon Ball game to use the Unreal Engine 5. Developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game is slated for release in 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

The basic premise of the game is that players take control of a variety of characters from both Dragon Ball Z and Super in an attempt to create their own unique team by strategically combining fighters, using powerful skills to defeat their opponents. Players collect various rewards such as stone shards and EXP capsules as they progress through each battle, which can then be used to further customize and strengthen their team. Additionally, characters can level up independently, allowing them to learn more advanced techniques and unlock powerful abilities.

Players have access to a variety of maps spread across different planets beyond Earth where they can set up fights with other players or NPCs. Each map contains its own set of enemy types with varying levels of difficulty so there’s plenty of Challenge for every player. Throughout each encounter, players must make strategic decisions about which moves to use when in order to successfully complete each task. Additionally, special mechanics like Guard Cancels and Smash Break gauges add yet another layer of complexity, further enhancing the tactical combat experience. With so many options available, Dragon Ball The Breakers promises a truly unique fighting experience for all fans when it finally releases this year.

Overview of the Gameplay

Dragon Ball The breakers is an upcoming action-adventure RPG game in the Dragon Ball franchise. It is set to be released in 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game’s plot centers on a mysterious planet called “Breakers Island”, which houses some of the universe’s greatest warriors, all of whom are looking for a way to unleash their true potential and defeat their enemies. Players take on the role of an elite warrior called a “Breaker”, and use their combat prowess to battle powerful enemies, explore exotic new worlds, and build up an impressive collection of powerful items.

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Gameplay will feature fast-paced 3D fighting combined with traditional RPG elements such as item gathering and character progression. Players will be able to customize their Breakers by choosing from different weapons, skills, abilities and customization options. Additionally, they will have access to a variety of powerful special attacks including ki blasts and signature moves like Kamehameha or Taiyōken. As players progress through the game they will also unlock new characters such as Goku, Gohan or Vegeta that they can gain strength from by using “Fusion” techniques!

The world of Dragon Ball The Breakers is expansive with exploration being integral to the gameplay experience – players will get to explore various open areas filled with powerful creatures and secrets waiting to be discovered including temples where ancient artifacts can be obtained for special rewards! Additionally, players can participate in online leaderboards where stats like wins/losses/draws can be tracked for bragging rights amongst friends or even worldwide rankings!

Character Customization

In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, you will be able to customize your character from among a variety of races and genders. You will also be able to choose from dozens of different customizations for eyes, face structure, hair style, clothing, and more. Your race can include Saiyans, Human-like Marisians, Frost Demons and more! Gender is also an option; allowing you to choose male or female depending on which suits your chosen race the best.

Along with the traditional photo-realistic visuals, Dragon Ball: The Breakers also offers a cel-shaded graphical style for your characters. With the cel shaded options you get smoother edges and higher texture quality giving your character distinction from all others in both looks and combat skills. This feature allows players to create their dream avatar without having to worry about limits on customization options.

You can find weapons as well as accessories that add extra flair in your battles. There are no limits when it comes to unlocking new items or pieces of equipment! Additionally, powerups are available that give player’s an edge during game play such as stronger attacks or improved defense abilities. All this adds up to an ever evolving experience allowing players of all levels of skill to make their way through quests and challenges set out by enemies during each game session!

Combat Mechanics

Dragon Ball The Breakers offers up an intense and action-packed experience as players can learn how to move and evade attacks, use ki blasts and Energy attacks known as a ‘High Ki Blast’, special moves including KOs, Super Attacks, Ultimate Moves, and counters. Combat plays out in different stages with multiple characters involved. Actions can be performed in real-time with various damage effects ranging from paralyzing to burning effects.

Each character is composed of five categories that are unique to each one according to their particular type such as Strong Attacker, Defensive Attacker, Balanced Type, Speed Type and Technique Type with these categories allowing players to customize their teams’ tactics while they fight. Players will also have access to new Skills which grant special unprecedented effects that can turn the tides of battle depending on which they use.

Moreover,the game will feature cross-play support between Xbox One X/S, PlayStation 4 & 5 as well as Nintendo Switch; allowing players around the world to connect in either one map or multiple maps during each match. Furthermore you’ll be able to challenge real opponents in select regions around the globe; making your combat even more legendary! Dragon Ball The Breakers will also boast a fully featured online mode called ‘The Global Quest’ where players compete against others or cooperate in cooperative missions that provide rewards such as Champions Mode or Team Battles at the highest world level of play. Dragon Ball The breakers is set to launch worldwide sometime in 2021 for console versions and early 2022 for PC versions.

Exploration and Side Quests

Dragon Ball The breakers is a vibrant and exciting game, set in the DragonBall universe. Players will explore their environment, join special campaigns, acquire items and complete side-quests to progress through the game. The game follows the classic story of Goku and his companions, who are called upon to face many difficult enemies and powerful bosses.

Exploration of vast landscapes allows players to discover hidden treasures, take part in unexpected encounters, discover fish in rivers or unlock secret locations. Discovering mission objectives often require navigation across landscapes, with some maps being dynamically generated for more challenging gameplay as an extra challenge. During exploration main quests can be found that involve defeating certain enemies for a reward or finding special items for further progression.

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Side-quests are another way for players to earn rewards; often requiring exploration or other actions such as defeating certain enemies or acquiring rare items. These missions come in various shapes and forms and generally have increasing levels of difficulty with each attempt; offering rewards that can help progress towards the main quest line. Side-quests offer a deeper level of gameplay than traditional RPG systems, allowing players to stretch their gaming skills while completing additional stories on top of those already present within Dragon Ball The Breakers’s unique storyline. This feature lasts longer periods of time, creating a more engaging experience for the player without becoming boring due to repetition.

Dragon Ball The breakers does not yet have an official release date but is expected to launch later this year.

Crafting and Collectibles

Dragon Ball The Breakers encourages players to explore a wide in-game world with expansive amounts of resources for crafting and collecting. Players can collect materials scattered across the game world, as well as gather ingredients from defeated enemies and NPCs to craft new items or upgrade existing equipment to give themselves an edge in combat encounters.

In addition to loot from fights, players can also find Trunks scattered throughout the game’s maps, which unlock new base upgrades such as increased health and better rewards for completing missions. There are powerful weapons and armaments to be discovered, allowing for varied upgrades for playable characters.

Dragon Ball The Breakers is scheduled for release in 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

When Does Dragon Ball the Breakers Come Out

The highly anticipated action role-playing game, “Dragon Ball The breakers” is set to release on May 11th 2021, with an open beta beginning April 24th 2021. Developed by the team at DBPGames, Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a massive action RPG set in the world of Dragon Ball.

This new title will be introducing several fresh and exciting elements, such as real-time co-op play and PvP modes. Dragon Ball: The Breakers will feature a number of original characters and story modes for players to dive into, including a special four-player raid mode where teams can battle legendary foes from the series – such as Frieza.

Players can customize their avatar according to their own playstyle preference by collecting battling items and crafting powerful gear to take down opponents. Not only that but they can also explore a variety of environments based on iconic locales from the anime such as Planet Namek and King Kai’s planet.

Players looking forward to “Dragon Ball: The Breakers” will be eager to get their hands on this action role-playing title when it launches in May 2021 – so get ready for the ultimate Dragon Ball experience!


Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a highly anticipated game due to its unique gameplay. As described above, the game emphasizes extreme tag-team battling, allowing you to control two fighters at once and switch between them as needed. It also focuses heavily on customizing your characters with a wide array of items featuring iconic Dragon Ball elements. The game is set to be released in 2020, so get ready to join the fight!

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