Codility vs Hackerrank

Codility is a coding challenge platform that assesses a candidate’s technical skills. It is used by recruiters to identify qualified tech professionals and provide actionable insights into their skill sets. This can be useful for employers who are looking to fill certain roles, such as software engineers, data scientists, and product managers.

Codility’s challenges include programming exercises and coding challenges designed to test a candidate’s ability to code in various languages, as well as evaluate their logical thinking abilities. These questions are designed to test problem-solving skills as they relate to development activities rather than specific programming languages. Candidates receive immediate feedback on their results, which helps employers improve the recruitment process and make more informed hiring decisions.

Codility also enables employers to filter candidates based on the results of their tests and gain insight into their proficiency levels in different areas of tech skill sets. Additionally, Codility provides helpful code reviews that can be used for further assessment of developer’s technical skillsets. This allows employers to get an overview of their technical knowledge at a glance without having to read through the whole codebase.

Overview of Hackerrank

Hackerrank is a platform built to provide companies with a comprehensive recruiting solution. With its coding challenges, developers can test their skills in a fun and interactive manner. Companies can use the platform to create their own challenges and custom coding tests that measure skills based on the company’s specific needs. Its scoring system allows for job seekers to track their progress and ensure they are in line for the job they are looking for.

Hackerrank features over 2000 coding questions categorized into topics such as algorithms, machine learning, data structures, Python, javaScript, SQL and more. You can also find challenges related to AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). In addition, you can get notifications on new challenges as soon as they are posted, allowing you to stay up-to-date on emerging technologies. It also offers support materials such as tutorials and webinars you can use to hone your coding skills further.

Comparison of Features

When assessing the relative merits of Codility vs Hackerrank, it is important to consider both the included features and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Codility offers a variety of different programming challenges, with candidates having to write their own code in order to complete them. Its test framework is easy to use and its report generation system can be used to easily analyze a candidate’s code. In addition, the site has a built-in debugger which makes it easier for coders to find potential pitfalls or errors prior submitting their solutions for assessment. Another great feature offered by Codility is its detailed leaderboard, which allows users to see how they fare against other coders who have taken similar tasks.

On the other hand, Hackerrank allows users to compete in coding challenges that are similar those offered on Codility, but with an additional competitive aspect allowing them to compare themselves against others who take similar tests. Additionally, the platform offers more complex coding problems than those provided by Codility as it takes into account algorithms and systems design problems as well as just focusing on basic coding skills. There is also more available on-demand support during problem solving tasks thanks to its dedicated discussion forum platform which enables users to ask questions pertaining specifically to an exercise they are trying to achieve within a given challenge.

Pros and Cons of Codility

Codility is an online coding assessment platform that allows employers to assess a candidate’s programming skills and abilities. Codility can be used for technical screening, coding challenges, or as part of a larger whiteboard challenge such as at hackathons. There are both pros and cons to using Codility that employers must consider when deciding if this is the right platform for their recruitment needs.

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  • Easy and intuitive to use: The users are presented with clean, intuitive screens which makes it easy for them to interact with the platform. The interface has been designed in such a way that it guides the users through their tasks without any confusion.
  • Adaptive User Experience (UX): The UX of Codility adapts based on how many attempts the users have taken, which helps them focus their attention on areas they may not be so familiar with yet.
  • Automated feedback: Automated feedback will help employers evaluate candidates quickly and accurately, reducing overall time spent evaluating individual applicants.
  • Time efficient: Employers can use Codility to save time by pre-selecting certain coding challenges or giving tailored tasks to groups of applicants, instead of manually evaluating each applicant one by one.


  • Difficulty level preferences may vary from user to user: Some coders might feel groomed for certain tasks while some might find it challenging even if those tasks are deemed simple by others. As such the level of difficulty must be taken into consideration when selecting tasks for codecs using Codility.
  • Limited customization options: Though Codility is great out of the box there are few customization options in terms of creating custom challenges/exercises or more complex assessments as other similar platforms offer more comprehensive options in this regard.
  • Limited language support: At present, only Java, JavaScript and Python are supported languages on Codility so callers may not be able to find answers they need in their chosen language without changing code implementations within their programs which would affect overall productivity with prewritten tests/challenges taking longer than desired timespans due to this limitation of languages offered for evaluation purposes within the platform itself.

Pros and Cons of Hackerrank

Hackerrank is an increasingly popular coding challenge platform catering to both inexperienced and experienced coders alike. It provides its users with a wide selection of coding questions, including topics in various languages, algorithms, mathematics and data structures. Additionally, Hackerrank offers an extensive community of coders who can give advice and assistance.

Advantages of using Hackerrank include:

  • It is free to use and has an easy-to-understand interface.
  • There are a wide variety of coding topics available.
  • The questions span varying difficulty levels which allow users to challenge themselves within their own skill level.
  • It has an active community of coders who can provide advice when needed.
  • The platform is well integrated with many companies making it easier for potential employers to recruit talent.

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Disadvantages of using Hackerrank include:

  • Its automated grading system can be overly strict in some cases leading to inaccurate results when attempting tasks with complex output requirements.
  • The site imposes limits on runtime which affects the ease of implementation since some problems require time consuming solutions due to large data sets or multiple criteria that can take more than the allotted time frame of the task itself.
  • The lack of deeper learning resources such as video lessons or tutorials means that inexperienced coders must seek external help in order to better understand certain coding problems and techniques required for a successful completionof the tasks given on Hackerrank.


In conclusion, it’s difficult to definitively declare one coding challenge platform better than the other. While Codility may be preferable for organizations looking to gain knowledge on coding skills in a short amount of time and gain insights into technical factors such as APIs and debugging, Hackerrank is better suited for data-oriented research and the ability to see a larger codebase on fullscreen mode.

Overall, organizations should consider their preferences when it comes to hiring candidates with the best coding knowledge and try out each platform separately before definitively making a decision. Organizations should look into which coding challenge platform best serves their particular needs by evaluating features such as efficiency, difficulty level, code testing capabilities, integration with hiring pipelines and analytics that can inform the tech team’s work in the future.

Further Reading

For developers who want to further their coding skills or test their abilities, two of the most popular coding challenge platforms are Codility and Hackerrank. Both sites offer numerous coding challenges, but there are some differences between them that should be considered before taking on any challenges.

Codility offers interactive tutorials for various levels of coding expertise, as well as online practice challenges. Aspiring coders can use these tutorials to learn from the basics, then start their own practice projects with sample data or go straight into challenging real world scenarios to tackle alone or with a team. The tasks range from algorithmic problems and coding tests to artificial intelligence and automation development tasks.

Hackerrank is less tutorial-based but still provides a great range of resources for engineers and developers to hone their skills by participating in community hosted contests and challenges. There are hundreds of close-ended puzzles offered in more than 30 different languages so users can hone their skill set no matter which language they are learning. They also have collaborative programming events so teams can sharpen each other’s skills while working together on a project.

Both Codility and Hackerrank offer extensive libraries of tutorials, practice materials, and challenge problem sets that can help developers gain new knowledge or test their existing skill sets in order to improve them further through real-world coding assignments. It all comes down to personal preference on which platform best suits your needs for advancing your coding prowess!

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